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How do you germinate protea seeds?

How do you germinate protea seeds?

Most Protea require smoke to germinate. Once your seeds are dry use “smoke primer disks” as directed. Plant your seeds in a seed starting tray with ample bottom drainage and a transparent cover. Plant 2” apart and 1” deep in a 50/50 mix of river sand and coco peat, with soil pH of 5-6.

How long do protea seeds take to germinate?

three months
For Protea’s germination, you’ll need to provide 72-24°F (22-29°C) degrees during the day. The night temperature can be as low as 55°F (13°C) degrees. The germination usually starts in a month. Most of the seeds germinate during the period of three months.

How do you grow Protea repens?


  1. Plant in a sunny position where the air circulates freely around the plant – they love windy areas.
  2. They thrive in sandy, acidic, well-drained and rocky soils.
  3. Plant in a hole twice the size of the container the plant came in.
  4. Water deeply once a week for the first two years after planting.

Can I grow a protea from a flower?

Proteas can be propagated from seed or cuttings. Only healthy plants not subject to stress may be used for cuttings, and no cuttings may be harvested from plants that display any symptoms of disease.

When can I plant Protea seeds?

Choosing the Right Time to Plant Protea Seeds The best time to sow is in autumn or spring, when the difference between day and night temperatures is about 12oC (54oF). Choose the season that gives the protea seedlings the most time to grow under favourable conditions.

Are proteas easy to grow?

Protea plants are not for beginners and not for every climate. Native to South Africa and Australia, they require heat, sun, and extremely well-drained soil. If you’d like a little bit of a challenge, though, protea flowers are beautiful and very unique.

Are Proteas easy to grow?

Will proteas grow from cuttings?

Growing proteas from cuttings is usually very successful and thus rewarding. Cuttings should be taken from semi-hardened plant material – usually the new growth from the last growing season (either autumn or spring) which has hardened off for a few months.

How do you germinate fynbos seeds?

Proteas, Restios and Fynbos Soak the seeds you want “smoke-primed” in the smoke-water solution for 24 hours. One disc is sufficient to treat 100 seeds. Then dip the seed into a solution of fungicide such as Thiram (use whatever your local nursery recommends for roses) before planting it.

How to germinate Protea seeds?

Submerge the seed into a fungicide solution before planting it, and leave it there for 12 hours minimum. You can skip this step, but submerging the seed will make the germination process faster, so it’s recommended. The substrate for Protea planting has have soil acidity ph value 6-5-5.

How do you take care of Protea seeds?

The seeds and protea seedlings should never be allowed to dry out. The vermiculite helps retain moisture. It helps if the soil mixture is sterilised, ridding the soil of fungus, eggs, larvae and pathogens that might harm the protea seeds or the seedlings.

How to grow Protea in pots?

Also, the protea plants will need more nutrients to survive in the pot, so increase the amount of peat or decomposed pine needles and add some well-matured compost. Ensure that the pot has enough drainage holes, and put a small layer of coarse material over them to keep them open and draining.

How are Protea seedlings protected from pests?

The protea seedlings are suspended off the ground on a wire mesh. They are protected from mice and insects by a 30% shade cloth on all sides (and underneath). A micro-jet sprinkler system connected to a water-computer ensures that the protea seedlings get watered up to six times a day during germination.