How do you explain what stranger things is about?

How do you explain what stranger things is about?

When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces and a very unusual little girl.

Which season of dark is best?

Dark Season 3 is a must-watch and provides a grand emotional conclusion. If you still haven’t seen it, try watching three seasons at once. That’s why Third season of the Dark is the best ever season.

What language is dark in?


Is dark good in English?

Though English dubbed version of Netflix shows are quite good but I would recommend watching Dark in German Language with English subs. German might feel quite harsh on your ears in the beginning but as you get more involved with the show, the harshness wears off and your watching experience moves to a whole new level.

Why is the Netflix show Ozark so dark?

The reason Ozark is so dark is because dim light and blue-ish hues are meant to reflect the bleak emotional landscape and constant danger surrounding the Byrde family.

Is in the dark a good show?

Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s a decent mystery, with some twists, while also managing to be comedy/drama with likable characters.

What is dark called in Germany?

Dark (TV series) Dark is a German science fiction thriller streaming television series co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It ran for three seasons from 2017 to 2020. In the aftermath of a child’s disappearance, Dark follows characters from the fictional German town of Winden as they pursue the truth.

Why you should watch dark?

Dark is Netflix’s one of the best supernatural, science fiction series. The narrative is mind-bending and utterly complex, but you could see how well it has been planned and how much time has been put into the production and creation of this show.

Is Dark series boring?

Originally Answered: Dark Series is overrated and boring? According to me, Yes! It is boring because: I had watched ANIME called STEINS; GATE!

Is dark the best series ever?

Unofficially, “Dark” has become known as Netflix’s best original series, and it will go down as a top contender for the best sci-fi series of all time. The thing is, “Dark” isn’t just the best of the Netflix originals or of the sci-fi world — it’s one of the best series to ever grace television, period.

What is as good as stranger things?

15 TV shows to watch if you like Stranger Things

  • Dark (3 seasons) Netflix. 19.3M subscribers.
  • Warrior Nun (1 season) Netflix. 19.2M subscribers.
  • Black Spot (2 seasons) olivier ogneux. 52 subscribers.
  • Rim of the World (movie) Netflix. 19.4M subscribers.
  • Chambers (1 season) Netflix. 19.1M subscribers.
  • The Society (2 seasons) ONE Media.
  • The Magicians (5 seasons) Series Trailer MP.

Why does Netflix control my brightness?

Video Enhancer may be the problem: Some mobile phones have a different setting; this may cause trouble in brightness in the Netflix app. The mobile, Samsung, has such a setting; Video Enhancer settings. To fix the Netflix brightness issue, deactivate the Video Enhancer setting.

What should I watch after watching dark?

10 Shows To Watch If You Liked Netflix’s Dark

  • 3 Timeless.
  • 4 Stranger Things.
  • 5 11.22.
  • 6 The OA.
  • 7 The 100.
  • 8 Wayward Pines.
  • 9 Counterpart.
  • 10 12 Monkeys.

How would you describe eleven from Stranger things?

Eleven flinging a large van in the air. Telekinesis: Her most recurrent power, she is able to manipulate objects, people and creatures with her mind.

Why is my movie so dark?

If Picture mode is set to Cinema or Custom, the screen may become dark. If the screen is still dark after the picture quality mode is changed, change the setting Backlight, Picture, Brightness and adjust the brightness to your taste. If Power Saving is set to Low or High, the screen becomes dark.

Why does the ranch look so dark?

The lighting. This dark lighting is intentional. At the TCA panel, a reporter noted “multi-cam sort of abhors darkness, and you guys seem to be steering into darkness in a lot of cases.” Producers said that, like using swear words, it’s all in an effort to be real.

Is Stranger things on Disney+?

‘Stranger Things’ Fans Can Now Stream Millie Bobby Brown’s Favorite Movie on Disney+ Stranger Things really left fans hanging. But the streaming service does have more Millie Bobby Brown. And once fans check out Enola Holmes, they can switch over to Disney+ to see the actor’s favorite movie.

Why is 4k so dark?

Chances are it is your TV. Your TV may be switching to a different preset when you send it a 4k signal (which may also be an HDR signal depending on the source). You should adjust the image while watching the content that is too dark.

Is money heist in English?


What kind of show is stranger things?

science-fiction horror television series

Is it better to watch dark in German or English?

Dark is a German show, so it was initially filmed with the actors speaking their native tongue. We recommend watching it in German with English subtitles, rather than the dubbed English version.

Why is dark so bad?

There’s continual tones of murder mystery, dark crime drama, sci-fi, and a surprisingly in-depth lore of fantasy. It’s not the kind of fantasy that makes you feel disconnected, however, like Stranger Things. The security of “ah impossible,” is lost in Winden.

Why are Netflix movies so dark?

Your TV’s picture or power saving settings may be causing Netflix to appear dark or dim. Contact your device manufacturer for help adjusting these settings.

Is Dark successful?

9 OUT OF 10 VIEWERS FROM ABROAD Netflix only revealed this: “’Dark’ is a huge international success: After the release of the first season we noticed that 9 out of 10 viewers came from abroad. This is also true for season two – 93 percent of the viewers of season one and two are not from Germany.”

Why is the walking dead always so dark?

“We do consider darkness when we go through lighting on set or the final color process on the episode before it airs,” Kang told Insider. “Our [director of photography] conducted camera tests on the caves and our post production team (in conjunction with the DP) created test looks for the final color/darkness levels.

Is dark famous in Germany?

DARK isn’t really known and liked in Germany at all. When it was released, media even rated it rather bad for being a “Strange Things-ripoff”, which is complete BS. The actors are not known at all.

Is dark a hit in Germany?

Netflix’s sleeper hit isn’t just a German version of Stranger Things. With Dark returning for its third and final season today, you may have noticed a growing buzz about the series over the past few weeks. Both shows are set in small towns plagued by strange, supernatural events, and both are set largely in the 1980s.

Is dark scary?

Dark isn’t just about a murder that comes with a disturbing tinge of the supernatural. It’s about a community of people, all with their own problems, and all linked in different ways — both in the present and in the past.