How do you break an ABUS lock?

How do you break an ABUS lock?

Breaking a U-lock With a Hammer and Air Spray. Purchase canned air spray. U-locks are very difficult to open by hammering or using force, but they are weakened and become brittle when cooled by air spray, meaning that they can be smashed open. Buy compressed or canned air at home improvement stores or online.

Can bolt cutters cut through ad lock?

Bolt cutters are one of the most popular tools that thieves use to steal bikes. They can be bought from any hardware shop and will make light work of any cable lock or cheap D locks.

Can bolt cutters cut Au lock?

The biggest bolt cutters (36 and 42″) are usually only used by serious bike thieves. But they can crop mid range u-locks and chains and sometimes even the higher end locks.

Are ABUS locks made in China?

ABUS Shenzhen (China) Since 1988 padlocks for international markets have been produced in Shenzen according to German quality standards. State-of-the-art production technology today ensures precise and technically well-engineered products for the global market.

Does ABUS have a warranty?

Use a key system or set a numerical combination – the Bordo offers both. If you lose your key, no problem! ABUS will replace it. Each lock comes with a lifetime warranty.

What city has the most bike thefts?

London, for example, is considered the number one hotspot for bike theft. Between April and November 2020, the capital saw its highest ever number of reported theft, with a staggering 113,000 bikes stolen during the period.

Why choose Abus locks?

The level of service that ABUS provides for many of its padlock types is also particularly high. For example, keyed-alike locks (one key for all locks) can be re-ordered even after many years.

Why choose the Abus container lock Granit?

The constantly rising rate of container break-ins and thefts from containers increases both the costs and the problems for shipping agents and customers. Protect your valuables by increasing your container security. With the ABUS container lock Granit, ABUS offers a lock that is VdS-certified and will protect your container effectively.

What is the Abus high security chain?

The ABUS high security chain provides ultimate protection for a variety of applications. You can order replacement keys from your local specialist retailer.

What is the Abus disc lock made of?

As the ABUS disc lock is made mainly of stainless steel, it is used especially where security and protection against corrosion are required. The Diskus® family is available in models with diameters between 50 and 80 mm.