How do I update Diablo inTune?

How do I update Diablo inTune?

When you get the inTune to your vehicle, select Tune Vehicle / Write Vehicle and it will either display a menu of tunes, or ask if you would like to check for a “Calibration Update.” Select “yes” for the calibration update, and then you will bring the inTune back to your Mac and plug it in to USB again.

Do you have to update Diablo tuner?

ALWAYS update your tuner before installing it on your vehicle. Wi-Fi Updates To get the latest updates for your i3 via a Wi-Fi connection, go to the device’s settings menu.

How do I update Diablosport?

How do I update my Diablosport i2?

  1. Plug the Diablosport i2 into the computer via the mini USB cable provided.
  2. Open up your File Explorer or Finder for those using a MAC.
  3. Then select into the Updater Folder, followed by your operating system.

What is the Diablo tune on the inTune?

The diablo tune is the 93 octane tune. It requires 93 octane or 91 with aces IV.

How often should I update my Diablo tuner?

every 6-8 months
We recommend that you update the device every 6-8 months if it is a newer vehicle, as we come out with updates on these vehicles regularly.

Can you use Diablo inTune on multiple cars?

Tune Your Car or Truck You can add multiple vehicle licenses to your device. You will be able to load tunes, adjust vehicle parameters, data log, custom tune, and restore all of your vehicles from the same programmer!

How do I update my Diablosport InTune?

How do I Update my Diablosport InTune 1 Visit DiabloSport’s online forum H E R E to gain access to the update files available for your inTune. 2 You will begin downloading files from the DiabloSport forum. 3 Plug in your inTune to an open USB port on your Mac and wait for the device to boot up.

How do I manually update my InTune?

Updating an inTune will require update files to be manually downloaded and “dragged” over to the inTune device’s drive. When you plug the inTune into your Mac, open a new finder window, and look for a “volume” labeled “intune.” Visit DiabloSport’s online forum H E R E to gain access to the update files available for your inTune.

How do I open the Intune drive in Windows 10?

On the right hand side, a new “Volume” will be available called “inTune.” Select this item to open the inTune Drive, and then drag each of the previously downloaded inTune update files on to your inTune drive.

What is InTune i3 programmer?

The inTune i3 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your ride. Within minutes, you could add horsepower and torque with no other tools required! inTune i3 Features: – New “Easy Tune” Mode for Simple Installation