How do I redeem my Metro Points?

How do I redeem my Metro Points?

To redeem their reward, members must present their card at a participating store, or log into their metro&moi account during a My Online Grocery at transaction or follow whatever other procedures as may be determined by Metro from time to time.

Does Metro have a points system?

Rewards scale: A minimum of 500 points is required to earn a reward. Every additional 125 points = $1 reward. There is no maximum. Rewards are automatically mailed to program members every three months.

What do Metro points get you?

You can present your reward(s) when you shop at Metro and apply it to your bill, just like a gift card. How are the points valued? Points are converted as follows: 500 points = $4 reward and $1 for each additional 125 points accumulated during the qualification period.

What is a Metro loyalty card?

Metro Rewards Card (MRC) is open to all Metro customers, aged 18 or over. For a new MRC card account to be created, all required fields must be filled out on the application form and a valid identification card must be presented. A permanent MRC card is valid for four (4) years from its date of issue.

Does Metro give rain checks?

The supermarket chain is addressing a chief complaint of discount shoppers by becoming the first to offer a 10 per cent discount and rain check if items in the weekly flyer are out of stock.

What are Metro thunder bucks?

metro Thunder Bucks is the reward program that allows me to save! Become a member today! Under the law, you must be 18 or over to purchase alcohol products and lottery tickets.

Does Metro still do air miles?

Shop your local Metro in-store or online to get Miles and use Cash Miles on the products you love. Link your AIR MILES Card to your profile on the Metro app or to get personalized offers and even more Miles!

Does Metro do price adjustment?

What is Metro’s Price Adjustment Policy In 2022? As well as having no price match policy, Metro has no price adjustment policy either. As of 2022, Metro does not refund customers who have recently purchased an item that has since gone on sale.

Does Canadian Tire do Rainchecks?

Stores that give rain checks: Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, Safeway, London Drugs, Canadian Tire.

How does Metro et Moi work?

Metro & Moi does exactly that. From a shopper’s standpoint, the program is remarkably straightforward; the more they spend, the more “m” points they collect and the larger the discount on their grocery bill. As an added perk, shoppers are sent personalized offers on some of their favourite items.

How do I download my Metro card?


  1. METRO DIGITAL CARD app is for now applicable for all stores in India.
  2. Download the METRO DIGITAL CARD app.
  3. Enter your 10 digit metro customer & cardholder number as shown on your Metro card.
  4. Enter your mobile number registered with Metro Cash & Carry.

How do I redeem AIR MILES at LCBO?

AIR MILES Collectors can continue to earn rewards at LCBO locations and online via the retailer’s website until the end of the month. Members can also redeem Cash Miles for LCBO eVouchers through the AIR MILES Reward Program.

Quels sont les avantages de la carte Metro?

En plus d’être client METRO, vous possédez une carte METRO Reflexe? Vous bénéficiez d’avantages supplémentaires et cumulez 30 Points M par tranche de 70€ TTC d’achat réglés avec votre Carte METRO REFLEXE.

Qu’est-ce que le programme de fidélité point M?

Pour vous remercier de votre fidélité, METRO met à votre disposition son programme de fidélité Point M. Il vous permet d’améliorer vos marges en cagnotant facilement des Points M et en les transformant en remises sur vos factures. Vous êtes client METRO? Alors ce programme de fidélité est fait pour vous !

Comment puis-je utiliser les points acquis durant mes achats de la journée?

Les points acquis durant mes achats de la journée apparaîtront sur ma facture dès mon prochain achat. 4. Je déduis Je peux utiliser tout ou partie de mes Points sur ma facture lors de mon passage en caisse, et ce dès mon premier Point M cumulé.