How do I protect my deck from potted plants?

How do I protect my deck from potted plants?

5 Ways to Prevent Deck Staining from Container Gardens

  1. 1.) Opt for Hanging Planters and Deck Planters.
  2. 2.) Place Potted Plants on Plant Stands.
  3. 3.) Elevate Off Surface with Pot Feet or Risers.
  4. 4.) Frequently Change Your Pot Placement.
  5. 5.) Keep up with Regular Deck Maintenance.

Is it OK to put plant pots on decking?

Plant pots that are placed directly onto the deck surface will trap moisture underneath, increasing the exposure risk and creating potential problems. That is unless your deck boards are made from Use Class 4 pressure treated softwood timber or a durable hardwood.

What should I put under my decking plants?

Planter feet or pot risers are incredible little inventions. They let you put plants or container gardens wherever you want on your deck or outdoor living space, without having to worry about water damage. These pot risers create a small gap of airflow between your plants and the surface of your deck.

How do I protect my decking from soil?

So, if you’re looking for something to serve as a buffer between your soil and the sides of your deck, we highly recommend Terrace Board. It’s super easy to install, looks well, and will protect your deck wood for years to come.

Do outdoor potted plants need saucers?

Therefore, you need plant saucers under all your outdoor plants. There are a few ways that potted plants without saucers could lead to expensive deck or patio repairs. If you have a wood deck, plant saucers help protect the boards from excess water that can cause warping, water damage, and rot.

Why is my plant water brown?

If plants are potted in soil, the water will drain brown. Added coffee or tea is also a cause of brown water.

What is the best thing to treat decking with?

When it comes to treating and protecting decking, you have two different options; decking oil and decking stain. Oils often come in natural colours or clear and enhance the natural appearance of your wood. Decking oils soak deeply into the wood and penetrate the grain to provide protection from the inside out.

How do you lay decking on soil?

Laying decking on soil: 4 easy steps

  1. Materials.
  2. Equipment.
  3. Step 1 : Create a solid foundation.
  4. Step 2: Build a decking frame.
  5. Step 3: Lay out and level the decking slabs.
  6. Step 4: Add and level the decking frame.
  7. Now you can lay decking on soil with peace of mind.

What is a plant saucer for?

Saucers under plants are shallow dishes used to catch excess water that drains from a container planting. While growers are sometimes able to find matching pot and saucer sets, it is more common that containers do not come with one, and the saucer must be bought separately.

Are plant saucers necessary?

So, why do plant pots need saucers? Whilst they aren’t necessary, plant pots use saucers to collect the water that drains from your pot. Without this, it can easily spill onto your carpets, floors and furniture. So after each watering, your saucer will capture the excess water, preventing any spillage in your home.