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How do I get state abbreviations in Excel?

How do I get state abbreviations in Excel?

VLOOKUP function to abbreviate state names in Excel

  1. =VLOOKUP(value, table,index number,[range_lookup])
  2. =VLOOKUP(name,states,2,0)
  3. =VLOOKUP(C5,states,2,0)

What state is LA abbreviation?

State and Territory Abbreviations

State Standard Postal
Louisiana La. LA
Maine Maine ME
Maryland Md. MD
Massachusetts Mass. MA

How do I change state abbreviations in Google Sheets?

Using a RANGE Name Click in the names box and type the word STATES and then press the Enter key on the keyboard. You will now be able to select the named range from the drop down list in the name box. This will highlight all the cells in the names range.

What are the names of all 50 states and their abbreviations?

Alabama: AL

  • Alaska: AK
  • Arizona: AZ
  • Arkansas: AR
  • California: CA
  • Colorado: CO
  • Connecticut: CT
  • Delaware: DE
  • Florida: FL
  • Georgia: GA
  • Do you know the abbreviations of all 50 US states?

    State Abbreviations list : 50 states abbreviations . State, Abbreviation. ALABAMA, AL. ALASKA, AK. ARIZONA, AZ. ARKANSAS, AR. CALIFORNIA, CA. COLORADO, CO. CONNECTICUT, CT. DELAWARE, DE. Missing: 10% Americans

    How do you spell the 50 states in US?

    Spell out state names in most cases. The names of the 50 U.S. states should be spelled out in general text, whether standing alone or in conjunction with a city, town, village or military base. See the cities entry for a list of large cities that never need to be identified by state. When to use abbreviations

    How many of the 50 US states can you name?

    Can You Identify 20 U.S. States Just By Their Shape? Andy Golder · June 2, 2019 There Are 50 European Countries And I’ll Be Impressed If You Know At Least 10 Capitals Ajani Bazile · May 17, 2019