How do I get certified to teach in Japan?

How do I get certified to teach in Japan?

How to Get a License to Teach English in Japan

  1. You possess teaching qualifications obtained in a foreign country.
  2. You possess a master’s or doctor’s degree.
  3. Your performance in various competitions.
  4. You completed a teacher training course at a college.
  5. Evaluation of your execution of mock classes.

Can you stay in Japan after jet?

Yes. It is the participant’s responsibility to pursue continued employment if they wish to remain in Japan after completing their tenure with the JET Program. See the Immigration Bureau of Japan for additional information about restrictions.

Does jet program drug test?

Jet Medical Center® encourages drug screen testing and as an employer service, drug screen testing associated with first visit injury care will be at NO CHARGE!

Do I need to know Japanese to teach English in Japan?

You don’t need to speak Japanese to teach English in Japan. Your classroom will be held entirely in English to fully immerse your students. However, you can learn Japanese if you wish, and many schools offer free Japanese lessons for teachers.

What does the JET program look for?

The JET Program is looking for applicants who: Show a genuine interest in Japan and Japanese culture. Are willing and able to adapt to a different culture for at least one year.

How competitive is jet program?

The JET Program application is a competitive process. Several thousand applications are received each year, about half of all applications will be invited to interview, and then only the top candidates are selected for participation.

How long can you stay in the JET Program?

The 2021 JET contract is for roughly 10 months and commences on the day after the designated arrival date. For this year’s departure/arrival dates, please see the Application Timeline. The contracting organization may reappoint the JET participant for an additional one-year contract, with a maximum of five years total.

Is the JET program hard to get into?

It’s not as hard as some people on JET would like you to believe . . . I mean no it’s technically not hard at all, but it also depends on where you’re coming from. Some countries/states take almost no one so it’s more competitive. Qualifications wise you basically need a degree and pulse.

Does the JET program pay for housing?

In principle, the contracting organizing assists the JET Program participant in making arrangements for housing. JET Program participants are paid a salary and must pay any costs of living, including rent, out of this salary. JET participants typically live in apartment-style housing, though this may vary by location.