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How do I do an online proctored exam?

How do I do an online proctored exam?

To take an online proctored test from a remote location candidates need:

  1. A suitable device (Desktop PC/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile)
  2. An Internet connection with at least 256kbps speed.
  3. A functional webcam and a mic.
  4. In PC/Laptop, any of the modern browsers.

How much does ExamSoft cost?

The cost is $60.00 for the academic year ($30.00 FALL/ $30.00 SPRING). If you do not wish to use Examplify and would rather write your exam, you will need to complete an “OPT OUT FORM” prior to your first quiz or final exam. Opt Out forms are available in the Registrar’s Office or on the law school website.

How does Exam soft work?

ExamSoft’s solution is an Internet-based exam delivery system. Using Examplify, you will download your exam(s) prior to exam day and upload your answer(s) after the exam via the Internet. You WILL require Internet connectivity to download your exam(s) and upload your answer(s).

Can Examplify record your voice?

Note: In Examplify, you will be able to use the Notes option as a scratch paper or the Calculator option by clicking on the Tool Kit (see red below). Video recording will begin automatically, including both webcam and screen capture throughout your entire assessment. Audio will also be recorded.

How much does online proctoring cost?

Costs for Examity’s Online Video Proctoring Service

Proctoring Service Cost for a 1-Hour Exam Cost for Each Additional Hour
Automated Proctoring (Standard) $4.00 unlimited
Automated Proctoring (Premium) $6.00 unlimited
Record & Review Proctoring $15.00 $7.00
Live Authentication & Proctoring $17.00 $7.00

How does ExamSoft Proctoring work?

During the Exam Once the exam begins, ExamMonitor remote proctoring captures a continuous audio and video recording of the exam-taker using both webcam and screen capture. This eliminates WiFi connectivity issues as a possible point of failure in the remote proctoring process.