How do I access my ARRIS TG862 router?

How do I access my ARRIS TG862 router?

Enter into the address box, and press the Enter key. The Login page appears. NOTE: By default the LAN IP address is 192.168.

Is ARRIS TG862 compatible with Xfinity?

The XFINITY Wireless Gateway is your all-in-one device that connects your Internet, phone and home networking….

Compatibility Major U.S. Cable Providers
MoCA Technology No
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
WPS (Wi-Fi Pairing Button) Yes
Preset Wi-Fi Security Yes

How do I setup my ARRIS TG862?

To Install TG862

  1. If the modem includes a battery, install the battery with the following procedure:
  2. Connect the phone cable from one of the telephone ports of the TG862 to the telephone base.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port of the TG862 to the Ethernet port of the computer.

What is the ARRIS router IP address?

Input the Arris IP Address “192.168. 100.1” in the address bar and hit on ‘Enter’ key.

How do I reset my Arris TG862?

Factory Reset With The Reset Switch

  1. Carefully insert the tip of a pen or an unwound paperclip into the reset switch and press on to it.
  2. Hold down the Reset switch for at least 15 seconds and release it. NOTE: Performing a reset will take the TG862 out of Bridge Mode, if it had been previously enabled.

Does Arris TG862 support 5Ghz?

With four Gigabit Ethernet connections, the built-in WiFi supports 2.4Ghz wireless. However, not being compatible with 5Ghz, the crowding with other 2.4GHz channels can lead to weak signals in larger homes.

What is Arris device on WiFi?

Arris is a company that manufactures routers and are one of the most common high-speed routers available on the market. An ‘Arris’ or ‘Arris Group’ device is your router or a similar device manufactured by Arris, showing up on your router. These devices will usually show up under connected devices or ‘DHCP Clients’.

Where is the WPS button on my Arris router TG862?

To Establish WPS Push-button Connection Push the wireless client’s WPS Push-button (PBC). Push the WPS button on the side panel of the TG862.

How do you find the IP address of a router?

Find Your Router IP Address on Android

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi Settings.
  3. Tap and hold on your connected network and select Manage Network Settings.
  4. Check the box next to Show Advanced Options.
  5. Select Static under IP Settings.
  6. Your router IP address is listed under the Gateway section.

How do I access my Xfinity router?

Xfinity Wireless Gateway Admin Tool Connect a computer, tablet or phone to your network. You can either use WiFi or hook up an Ethernet cable to your Gateway. Open a web browser and go to the Admin Tool ( This is the Wireless Gateway’s administration site.

How do I manually configure my Arris cable modem?

– Model – Wi-Fi cable modem model name – SSID – Default network name for your Wi-Fi home network. – WI-FI SECURITY KEY – Wi-Fi network password to connect to your Wi-Fi home network. – S/N – Wi-Fi cable modem serial number. – HFC MAC ID – Your service provider may request the Media Access Control (MAC) number to activate your Wi-Fi cable modem.

What can one do with an arris cable modem?

What the different Arris modem lights are,

  • What it means when they turn on,turn off,or start flashing,
  • And how to troubleshoot the issues using the modem lights as your guide.
  • How to fix an arris modem?

    Open the Arris app on your smartphone or tablet (visit if you’re on a computer instead).

  • Login to the account using your username and password.
  • Find ‘Settings’ (go to ‘Manage Devices’ first if you’re using a computer).
  • Look for a section called ‘Utilities’ or ‘Security’ (depending on which modem model you have).
  • How to set Arris modem to router mode?

    a. Enter admin in the Username field. b. Enter password in the Password field. c. Click the Login button. The System Basic Setup page appears. Click the LAN Setup tab on the top menu. The LAN Settings page appears. On the LAN Settings page: a. NAT Mode – Click on the drop-down, and select Bridged. b. Click the Apply button.