How did Stephen out of Boyzone died?

How did Stephen out of Boyzone died?

Gately died of a congenital heart defect in a flat that he and Cowles owned in Mallorca, Spain in 2009. Brian Boyd in The Irish Times stated: “Stephen Gately’s death represents the first time that the boyband genre has had to deal with such a tragic situation”.

How old is Stephen Gately?

33 years (1976–2009)Stephen Gately / Age at death

Is Stephen Gately dead?

October 10, 2009Stephen Gately / Date of death

Which member of Westlife killed himself?

Stephen Gately died early on the morning of October 10, 2009 while on holiday in Majorca. His body was discovered by his husband Andrew Cowles. Stephen’s fellow bandmates from Boyzone flew to Majorca the day after his death on October 11 and issued a joint statement in which they described him as a “beautiful person.”

Are Boyzone still together?

Boyzone went on tour in late 2018 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. An album to celebrate the anniversary was released on 16 November 2018. On 28 April 2018, it was announced that the band would split for good after their anniversary celebrations, which ended in 2019.

Who was Stephen Gately married to?

Andrew Cowlesm. 2006–2009
Andrew Cowlesm. 2003–2006
Stephen Gately/Spouse

Who was in Boyzone band?

Ronan KeatingLead Vocals
Shane LynchVocalsMikey GrahamVocalsKeith DuffyVocalsStephen GatelyLead Vocals

What happened Stephen Gately?

Stephen was pronounced dead at 2.25pm and an autopsy ruled he’d died from natural causes up to eight hours before. “We know from the pathologist’s report that Stephen died sleeping with me on the sofa,” devastated Andrew told The Mirror.

Who left Westlife?

Brian McFadden quit Westlife over moment of ‘shame’ – but lived to regret it. Westlife were at the top of their game back in 2004 and just three weeks away from hitting the road for their fourth world tour when bandmate Brian McFadden dropped a bombshell.

Where is Mikey from Boyzone now?

Mikey Graham, 46, has stayed out of the limelight somewhat – focusing his attention on the media in Ireland rather than the UK. He appeared on the Irish Celebrity Apprentice in 2013, and in 2010 got to the finals of the Irish Eurovision Song Contest act show.

What happened to Boyzone members?

The surviving members of Boyzone, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch, issued a joint statement: Post-mortem and toxicology tests took place on 13 October and showed that Gately died from a pulmonary edema resulting from an undiagnosed heart condition.

What happened to Stephen Gately Boyzone?

Sunday, October 11, 2009 Boyzone member Stephen Gately has died suddenly at the age of 33 while on holiday on the Spanish island of Majorca. Gately was on holiday with his partner Andrew Cowles when his body was found on Saturday. The information was confirmed on Boyzone’s official website on Sunday.

What did Boyzone say about Stephen Bear’s death?

Stephen’s fellow bandmates from Boyzone flew to Majorca the day after his death on October 11 and issued a joint statement. It read: “We are completely devastated by the loss of our friend and brother, Stephen. “We have shared such wonderful times together over the years and were all looking forward to sharing many more.

How did Stephen Gately die?

A post-mortem examination into the death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately has shown that he died of a pulmonary oedema, an accumulation of fluid on the lungs, an official in Majorca said. The Boyzone bandmates of Stephen Gately, who died at the weekend, are preparing to fly to Majorca to take his body back to Ireland. Photo: PA.

What happened to Michael Jackson from Boyzone?

The other members of Boyzone were said to be travelling to the same island on Sunday before his death was discovered. Dan Wootton, showbusiness editor for British tabloid News of the World, told BBC News that the singer had left the means of accommodation to go out for some drinks, returned, fell asleep and never woke up again.