How can I talk to GP Customer Care directly?

How can I talk to GP Customer Care directly?

* 10 second pulse will be applicable for above tariffs….Useful Contacts.

No. Description Charges
158 Customer Service for Complaint Free
[email protected] Customer Service for Query, Request and Complaint Free Chat with Customer Service Live Free

What is GP live chat?

Voice Chat is a 24 hours open Voice based service which allows subscribers to dial 22828 get subscribed and can dial to chat with other voice chat users anytime from anywhere within GP network. It is a place where people can make new friends and Chat non-stop while maintaining complete confidentiality!

How can I activate GP SIM?

Manual settings for internet activation in handset

  1. Go to Mobile Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Name.
  2. Create a new APN profile. Type, Name: GP; APN: gpinternet.
  3. Set this APN as default setting.
  4. Restart handset after configuration.
  5. On your mobile data.

How can I stop GP service?

GP All Service Stop Code (Independently)

  1. To cancel internet service dial * 500 * 4 #
  2. Facebook service, type “STOP” and send an SMS to 3285.
  3. To unsubscribe from Facebook dial * 325 * 22 #
  4. To unsubscribe from the mobile Twitter service, type “STOP” and send to 9594.

How can I get GP number?

If you forget your own mobile number then let’s check it with bellow USSD code of any mobile company SIM. 1.1 How to check my own Teletalk number?…Own Mobile Number Check SMS and USSD code of Bangladesh.

Mobile Operator USSD Code
Teletalk (015) Dial *551#
GrameenPhone (017, 013) Dial *2# or *111*8*

How can I talk to customer care number?

Note: If you are planning to call the customer care office, ensure that you do so between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m….Contact the bank’s customer care service centre by calling:

  1. 1800 425 1444.
  2. 1800 572 8031.
  3. 080-2202 1500.

Where is the head office of Grameenphone?

Dhaka, BangladeshGrameenphone / Headquarters

How can I get 1GB in 9 TK in GP?

GrameenPhone or GP sim users can get this awestruck offer by dialing *121*5168#. This offer will be activated till 7 days after subscription.

How can I see my GP number?

To check Airtel number dial USSD code *121*7*3#….Check Airtel, Banglalink, Gp, Robi and Teletalk Number.

Mobile Operator Check Own Mobile Number
GrameenPhone (017) *2# or *111*8*
Banglalink (019) *511#

How can I check my GP active service?

(Dial *121# for any Grameenphone Services)

  1. Balance Check (Prepaid) *566#
  2. Show Sim Number. *2#
  3. Grameenphone Services. *121#
  4. Package Check or Change. *121*1*6#
  5. Minute Check. *566*24# and *566*13#
  6. Cancel Special FnF. Type SFC _Old Number _New No Send to 2888.
  7. Set Special FnF. Type SF _(017..your number..)
  8. FnF.

How do I cancel my GP pay as you go?

To turn ON auto renew option after package activation, SMS “ON” to 25000 or dial *121*3042#. Also customer can turn off Auto renew by sending SMS “OFF” to 25000 or dial*121*3043#.

Is 013 a GP number?

Grameenphone has introduced new number series “013” in addition to our existing “017” series. With “013” connections, customers will be able to enjoy the same portfolio of products and services, and the best network experience across the country.