How can I get BSNL duplicate phone bill?

How can I get BSNL duplicate phone bill?

Process 1: Logon to BSNL Bill Enquiry Portal (

  1. Enter your username/password [If Registered(Sign In) / New Registration(Sign Up)]
  2. Click on Duplicate Bills.

How can I check my BSNL bill?

Get BSNL Postpaid Mobile Bill & Usage Amount on SMS & Online

  1. Login to
  2. Click Wireless.
  3. Click Mobile Number / Account Number.
  4. Your present bill amount and unbilled amount will be displayed.

How can I check my BSNL landline bill without registration?

View BSNL Bill amount without registration Go to “Landline” page for landline bills. You can enter the telephone number and email id/phone number for confirmation. Submit after entering all the details, your bill amount will be displayed.

How can I get my BSNL landline bill by Email?

Customer can log in to web self care portal and place their request for getting telephone bill on “Email only “ option . Procedure – Click on active Account Number in My Account section. Then Choose Email option from dropdown list in billing preference and press “Submit Request” button.

How can I check my phone bill?

How to check landline bill/balance?

  1. Go to your message box.
  2. Type CB*LandlinePhoneNo ( which should contain the area code with 0) and send it to 1415.
  3. Then you will get the SMS reply from Ntc with the bill.

How can I know my BSNL account number without bill?

Another way to know your account number is by logging into BSNL portal with the username and password you’ve received from them, and then go to the Customer info section, where you can clearly see your Account number.

How can I check my Landline bill?

What is my BSNL billing account number?

How can I check my landline bill?

How can I check my BSNL landline bill by SMS?

Procedure for getting last bill amount and current usage amount through SMS:

  1. (i) Send SMS bill at 53333 for getting the bill amount.
  2. (ii) Send SMS amt at 53333 for getting the usage amount.
  3. ii. Go to the link “Cellone Duplicate Bill” under the section Value Added Service available on the home page of BSNL website.
  4. iii.

How can I print my mobile phone bill?

To print your online bill, sign in to myAT:

  1. select Go to bill & payments from the Total Balance card.
  2. select View current paper bill (pdf).
  3. select the bill from the download.
  4. then select Print.

How can I get my postpaid bill?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your postpaid mobile number.
  2. Enter your bill amount.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method- you can select from options like debit card, credit card, net banking, wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik) and UPI.
  4. Make a payment, and you’re done!

How to contact BSNL landline customer service?

Landline Service 1 All types of enquiry From BSNL :- 1500 From Other Operators :- 1800 345 1500 2 Fault Booking From BSNL :- 198 From Other Operators :- 033-24850970 3 Customer Care Portal

How do I book a fault booking in BSNL?

Fault Booking From BSNL :- 1504 From Other Operators :- 033-24850974 ; GSM Mobile Service. All types of enquiry : 1503, 1800 180 1503 ; Register your GSM complain; Customer Care E-mail : [email protected]; Leased Circuit. Complaint Booking No. : 1800 425 1957 (24 Hr Call Centre-Toll Free Number) DGM ( NIB & LC ) 2nd floor, Telephone Bhavan,

What are the services offered by the BSNL network?

BSNL offers dozens of services to its customers including prepaid, postpaid, broadband, satellite phone recharge, and prepaid landline services.

How to download landline bill on Samsung Galaxy S20?

1 Step 1: Click on the services first and select on check My Bills option. Then, you need to tap on the landline bill… 2 Step 2: Tap on the bill, which you wanted to see, and download. And, if you want to download the bill, then you have to… More