Does Riley end up with Evan in The Client List?

Does Riley end up with Evan in The Client List?

The second season saw Riley’s world threatened as her estranged husband returned, her fledgling romance with Evan ended and the secrets of The Rub were about to be exposed.

How many episodes are in season 2 of The Client List?

15The Client List – Season 2 / Number of episodes

How did Client List end?

In The Client List’s two-hour season finale, Riley’s world very slowly fell to pieces. The client list was stolen, her mother announced that she was moving to Austin, and the police (aka her brother-in-law/ex-boyfriend) started to question her salon’s involvement in an ongoing prostitution investigation.

Is The Client List based on a true story?

The Client List was based on a true story about a prostitution scandal in Odessa, Texas in January 2005. Series is based on a 2010 Lifetime movie of the same name that also starred Hewitt as a Texas mom who takes up a career that she tries to hide from her family.

Does Kyle come back in Client List?

Riley and Evan soon develop a relationship, which upsets Riley’s husband, Kyle, when he returns later in the series.

Who is Jessica Love Hewitt married to?

Brian HallisayJennifer Love Hewitt / Spouse (m. 2013)

How old is Jennifer Hewitt?

43 years (February 21, 1979)Jennifer Love Hewitt / Age

Is there a TV series based on the movie The client list?

For the television series based on the film, see The Client List (TV series). The Client List is an American television film that premiered on the Lifetime Network on July 19, 2010. It starred Jennifer Love Hewitt and was directed by Eric Laneuville.

Is there a Lifetime series the client list?

On August 10, 2011, it was announced that Lifetime had ordered production of The Client List television series based on the film. Hewitt acted as the lead role and also served as an executive producer.

Why did the client list get cancelled?

Due to creative differences between Hewitt, Lifetime, Sony Pictures Television, and ITV Studios America, the show was officially canceled on November 1, 2013 after two seasons. The first season of The Client List, consisting of 10 episodes, was watched by an average of 2.51 million viewers per week.

What is the client list?

The Client List is not intended to depict any specific spa or massage entity, nor in any way demean or disparage the therapeutic massage profession and its benefits and contributions to the health and wellness industry.