Does JMU require counseling?

Does JMU require counseling?

One letter of recommendation will be accepted and must be requested by the applicant through the application. JMU will contact the recommender with instructions for submitting a letter. Is there something important we should know about you?

How many dorms does JMU have?

Approximately 6,700 of JMU’s 22,000 full-time undergraduate students are housed in University-sponsored residence halls. The remaining students live at home or in nearby apartments.

Can freshmen have cars at JMU?

Am I allowed to bring a car to James Madison? Freshmen are not permitted to have cars on campus.

Does JMU have communal bathrooms?

Ikenberry Hall Two suites share a community bath, which is cleaned on a regular basis by housekeeping staff. Residents are responsible for cleaning bathrooms that are not accessible from a common hallway.

How much is JMU admission deposit?

For new students, a deposit of $250 is required to confirm their acceptance of the offer of admission.

What time do the gates open at JMU?

Gates are in operation Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Friday from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Gates are open on Friday after 1:00 PM and all day on weekends, breaks, holidays and during May and summer sessions.

How much is a JMU parking pass?

Faculty, Staff, and Affiliate Fees

Permit Type Permit Fee
Affiliate – Full-time $304.00 Per Year
Affiliate – Part-time $57.00 Per Year
Remote Parking* Affiliate – Full-time $51.00 Per Semester
Remote Parking* Affiliate – Part-time $9.00 Per Semester

Where can guests park at JMU?

Short-term parking for guests is available at the Pay by Space parking spots in Lot D3, located across from the front entrance of Festival Conference and Student Center.

When can you park on campus at JMU?

Parking Services provides visitors with parking permits at no charge during our normal business hours (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday). Visitors who arrive at times other than those specified above should park in R1, R2, or R4 Lots and obtain a permit from Parking Services as soon as possible.

Is JMU an Ivy League school?

Academics at JMU definitely aren’t Ivy League; if they were, we’d be an Ivy League school. However, we have highly competitive and sought out colleges within the University.

What are the best dorms at JMU?

JMU’s Best And Worst Freshman-Year Dorms, Ranked By Area

  • Bluestone. The Best: Hoffman. The Worst: Spotswood.
  • Village. The Best: Hanson. The Village, in general, has an excellent, very central location, but Hanson Hall has it the best.
  • Hillside. The Best: Hillside.
  • Skyline. The Best: Potomac.
  • Lakeside. The Best: Eagle.