Does AT have a shared data plan?

Does AT have a shared data plan?

AT Mobile Share- Data plans offer your choice of data package to share with all of your internet devices on your account like tablets, gaming devices, laptops, netbooks and more. Additionally, both Mobile Share plan types include mobile hotspot and tethering capability on applicable devices.

Did ATT get rid of mobile share plans?

We no longer offer Mobile Share Plus. If you already have it, find out what’s included in your plan and learn about overage charges.

What is mobile Share data?

What Is Shared Data? Shared data is a specific data allotment that is shared between all lines on a cell phone plan. A three-line cell phone plan may have 20 GB of shared data, which all three lines have access to.

Can I use AT unlimited data as a hotspot?

Get unlimited access at more than 30,000 AT Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide. Share 5GB of data across all Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Does ATT only offer unlimited plans?

The best AT deals are generally only available with unlimited data plans, so you’ll definitely want to factor that into your overall cell phone bill. If you’re on a budget, however, then AT prepaid plans are also a very good option.

What are ATT Shared plan charges?

All ATT plans are shared plans, whether it is 1 line or multiple lines. There is a single charge for the data plan regardless of the number of lines, that is the shared part. Then there is a charge for each line on the plan called the access or line fee. That is just the way all plans are structured.

What does a shared data plan mean?

A shared data plan, by contrast, is one in which each user on a group plan has access to a shared pot of data. While shared data plans may be less expensive than individual data group plans, the annoyance of having to monitor everyone’s data usage may lead you decide against signing up for one.

Is AT really unlimited data?

Something that AT (or any carrier for that matter) won’t tell you about their unlimited plans is that they’re not actually unlimited: AT unlimited plans come with specific monthly data deprioritization thresholds—Unlimited Extra’s is 50GB for example—after which your plan can be subject to slower speeds during …

Why am I being charged for a shared plan with ATT?