Do heated towel rails have timers?

Do heated towel rails have timers?

The electric element allows you to accurately adjust the surface temperature / level of heat of the towel rail and set 24 hour timer programs. Full of energy saving technology, our thermostatic towel rails are Eco Design LOT20 compliant.

Are heated towel rails worth it Australia?

If you’re looking for a little extra comfort during the winter and a space saving storage option for your towels, then heated towel rails are definitely worth it! With a range of colours available, these rails are also a great way to tie a space together.

Can you fit a timer to an electric towel rail?

There are aftermarket timers that can be fitted but it depends on the age and manufacturer. It may be necessary to replace the towel rail with one that has an option for a timer. Yes. You would require a fused timer spur similar to what you would use for an immersion heater.

How much does it cost to run a heated towel rail in Australia?

If you use your heated towel rail for four hours a day, which is relatively typical, the daily cost will only be 28 cents. Most heated towel rails can be wired to a timer switch to help you control when your unit is on and off.

Does an electric towel rail need a thermostat?

So, to circle back to our initial question, do electric towel rails have thermostats? Mostly, yes. Many towel rails come with some form of thermostatic control, offering more advanced and convenient heat management.

How do you adjust the temperature on a heated towel rail?

The most common method for adjusting temperature will be to adjust the knob by turning clockwise to turn off – I.e. cool or anti clockwise to open and up the heat. Turning the knob could be difficult, and so pliers might be required.

Do heated towel rails use much electricity?

There are no specific people that warm towel rails are for but they will warm everyone. The price of heated towel rails is very affordable and they don’t use a large amount of power.

Do towel rails use a lot of electricity?

Electric Towel Rails These rails avoid the issue of having to switch on the rest of your central heating, however they can be expensive to run due to the power requirements of the heated element within. Essentially, they function similarly to a kettle, though without quite so much short term power usage.

Do heated towel rails have thermostats?

If you want to have extra control over your heating, you can install thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on your heated towel rails. Thermostatic Radiator Valves don’t control the temperature of your towel rail, instead they control when the heated towel rail switches on or off depending on the heat in the room.

How do you set a towel rail timer?

How To Set Up a Digital Timer for Your Towel Warmer

  1. Open the Front Latch: To open the front latch and reveal the setup keyboard underneath.
  2. Setting the Digital Timer: Press and hold the CLOCK button.
  3. Programming the Run Time for the Timer: Push the PROG button once.

Should towel rail valves be fully open?

A standard heated towel rail / towel radiator is designed to come on and off with the central heating system, like any other radiator. If the valve is fully open, the maximum amount of hot water will be entering the radiator and heating up the rail to the temperature set for the whole central-heating system.