Did Discord end up with Fluttershy?

Did Discord end up with Fluttershy?

In the season finale, it appears that Fluttershy straight up moved in with Discord over in his chaos realm. While that could just be a super close friendship, I’m thinking they kinda implied something a bit deeper. Considering how protective he is of her, it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

What episode does Fluttershy move in with Discord?

Keep Calm and Flutter On
Season episode №: 10
Overall episode №: 62
Original airdate: January 19, 2013
Story by: Teddy Antonio

Does Fluttershy marry someone?

Soarin and Fluttershy end up falling for each other, much to the enragement of Rainbow Dash. This ends up making Rainbow Dash completely betray her element and leaves her friends to a different safe zone, but Fluttershy ends up marrying Soarin.

Who is Applejack shipped with?

Het Pairings

Primary Pairing Name Portmanteau / Other Names
Twilight Sparkle/Spike Twispike
Rarity/Spike Sparity, Rarispike
Applejack/Spike Applespike
Fluttershy/Discord Fluttercord, Discoshy

Why is discord and Fluttershy so popular?

The pairing of Fluttershy and Discord has rose in popularity, and still continues to do so. Fans believe that Fluttershy could help Discord to control his anger and magical ability. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Why does Fluttershy put up with it all?

Still, Fluttershy puts up with it all because, in her words, Discord and her are friends and that’s what friends do, much to the surprise of everyone, especially Discord, who seems genuinely touched that Fluttershy’s willing to be the first friend he’s ever had.

Does discord turn Fluttershy into an ice rink?

Fluttershy, to her friends’ dismay, accepts, but then he turns the flood into an ice skating rink. Discord gloats that his friendship with Fluttershy has left him eternally free of the Elements, but Fluttershy, still honoring her end of the deal, now refuses to acknowledge him as her friend. This doesn’t sit well with Discord at all.

What is fluttercord?

Fluttercord is the het ship between Fluttershy and Discord from the My Little Pony fandom. At first, Discord was an evil villain bent on turning all of Equestria into his own chaotic and destructive kingdom, but Mane 6 defeated him with the magic of friendship, turning him back into stone once again.