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Can I watch with iWantTFC online?

Can I watch with iWantTFC online?

With TFC Everywhere, you can stream your favorite shows and movies on TFC, live or on-demand, anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost! Activate your iWantTFC and enjoy TV Everywhere!

Is TFC affected by ABS-CBN shutdown?

TFC has been relatively unaffected by the ABS-CBN franchise renewal controversy which started 6 May 2020 after the network’s legislative franchise to operate domestically over-the-air expired the day before, as it is not under the purview of the National Telecommunications Commission.

Is I want TV TFC free?

Can I access iWantTFC for free? Yes. Just go to iWantTFC website or download the mobile app and register for free.

How do I activate the TFC?

How can I activate my TFC Everywhere on iWantTFC? Print

  1. Activate or get your TFC Everywhere CODE through TFC IPTV customer service.
  2. SIGN-IN to your iWantTFC account (for existing users) or REGISTER a new iWantTFC account (for new users)
  3. Go to http://iwanttfc.com/tfceverywhere to activate your TFC Everywhere account.

Is it illegal for ABS-CBN to avail of tax perks?

“In fact, the BIR issued a tax clearance to ABS-CBN for the year 2018,” pointed out Tan. Further, Tan said ABS-CBN did not violate the terms and conditions of its legislative franchise when it availed of tax incentives through its subsidiary Big Dipper Digital Content Design Inc.

Is iWant TV owned by ABS-CBN?

iWant TFC is a Filipino over-the-top content platform and production company owned and operated by ABS-CBN Corporation….iWantTFC.

iWant TFC logo used since September 2020
show Screenshot
Owner ABS-CBN Corporation’s division ABS-CBN Digital Media

Does iWant have payment?

You may choose from the following subscription options: Daily (P15/day) Weekly (P60/week) Monthly (P120/month)

How do I get TFC channel for free?

No content is available without a free account or a TFC subscription….You can sign up for a free account through your Roku, which gives you access to the following content:

  1. Trending Teleseryes (Bagani, Blood Sisters, and more)*
  2. TFC’s Favorite shows with subtitles*
  3. Live newscasts from all over the Phillipines.

How do I verify my iWantTFC account?

I tried registering via email address, but I did not receive my verification email. Print

  1. Go to iWantTFC website and click on Log In.
  2. Enter your email address and password that you used during registration.
  3. Click on Log In.
  4. To complete your registration, click on Resend verification link.