Why is representative democracy a good form of government?

Why is representative democracy a good form of government?

(i) It is a more accountable form of government as it has to respond to the needs of the people. (ii) Democracy improves the quality of decision- making as it is based on consultation and discussion. (iii) Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts as differences are bound to occur.

Is representative democracy necessary?

Representative democracy is important since it helps the people to know their representatives before electing them. People cannot be expected to have the time or interest to make important and regular decisions. Hence the representative democracy makes the elected leader accountable for the people’s decisions.

Which of these is a disadvantage of a representative democracy?

Disadvantages of representative democracies include that: representatives may distort peoples’ demands to suit their political preferences. representatives may not make make themselves accountable enough between elections and can only be removed by elections if they lose the respect of the people.

What is representative democracy and why do we need it?

Representative democracy is a form of democracy in which people vote for representatives who then vote on policy initiatives; as opposed to direct democracy, a form of democracy in which people vote on policy initiatives directly.

Why is representative democracy a good form of government class 6?

It allows participation of the people in the governance of the country. People elect their representatives who in turn make laws for them. It gives opportunity to people to peacefully and constitutionally change the government by means of elections.

Why modern democracies are representative democracies?

Modern democracies are known as representative democracy because usually in this democracy the representatives elected by the people makes decisions in the government on behalf of the people.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to having a representative government?

It saves time and money for the government so the funds can be used for other purposes. The disadvantage of a representative democracy is that an official isn’t required to vote based on how their district or population center wishes them to vote.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a representative democracy?

What are pros and cons of oligarchy?

List of the 5 Pros of an Oligarchy

  • It consolidates power with those who have expertise.
  • It reduces societal pressures.
  • It encourages creative endeavors.
  • It encourages a conservative approach.
  • It still allows anyone to join.
  • It encourages income inequality.
  • It inhibits growth over time.
  • It can disrupt the economy.

Which is the best form of government?

Democracy is the best form of government, as it is the “rule of people”. In this form of the government, the citizens have the right to take part in the decision making of the nation.

What is representative democracy 6th?

Representative democracy means people participate indirectly in the decision-making process. They choose their representatives through an election process. These representatives meet and make decisions for the entire population.