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Who was the last Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland?

Who was the last Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland?

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
Formation 1171
Final holder The Viscount FitzAlan of Derwent
Abolished 8 December 1922
Succession Governor of Northern Ireland and Governor-General of the Irish Free State

How many Lord-Lieutenants are there?

There are 98 Lord-Lieutenants. They cover all counties in the UK, from Shetland to Cornwall, County Tyrone to South Glamorgan. As the sovereign’s representative in his or her county, the Lord-Lieutenant remains non-political and does not hold office in any political party.

Who is current Lord-Lieutenant of Northern Ireland?

Fionnuala Jay-O’Boyle
The Lord Lieutenant of Belfast is the official representative of The Queen for the ‘County Borough of Belfast’, Northern Ireland….

Lord Lieutenant of Belfast
Incumbent Fionnuala Jay-O’Boyle, CBE since 6 July 2014
Appointer Queen Elizabeth II
Inaugural holder The 6th Marquess of Londonderry
Formation 1900

At what age does a Lord-Lieutenant retire?

Lord-Lieutenants are required to retire on reaching the age of 75. On appointment, it is expected that they will be able to serve for a minimum of ten years.

Which years were the office of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland applicable to?

This spanned the Kingdom of Ireland (1541–1800) and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801–1922). The office, under its various names, was often more generally known as the ‘Viceroy’, and his wife was known as the ‘vicereine’.

Who were Lord-Lieutenants to Elizabeth?

Lord Lieutenants were members of the local government and were responsible for the upkeep of the the local militia. Lord Lieutenants were appointed by the Queen and there was one for each county in England, for example Lincolnshire would have had a Lord Lieutenant as would Lancashire etc.

Do Lord-Lieutenants get paid?

The Lord-Lieutenant is not paid. It is a voluntary position, like that of Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenant.

Who lives in Killyleagh Castle?

Gawn Rowan Hamilton
It has been owned by the Hamilton family since the early 17th century. It is currently the home of Gawn Rowan Hamilton and his young family. The castle hosts occasional concerts; performers have included Van Morrison, Glen Hansard and Bap Kennedy.

What does a lord lieutenant do?

Certain duties are expected of the Lord-Lieutenant and they include: arranging visits by Members of the Royal Family and escorting Royal visitors. representing The Queen, including presenting certain honours, medals and awards. encouraging and assessing honours nominations.

What is Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant?

A lord-lieutenant (UK: /lɛfˈtɛnənt/ lef-TEN-ənt) is the British monarch’s personal representative in each lieutenancy area of the United Kingdom. Historically, each lieutenant was responsible for organising the county’s militia. In 1871, the lieutenant’s responsibility over the local militia was removed.

How do you address a female Lord-Lieutenant?

In a speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant should be referred to as “Lord-Lieutenant”. A speech might begin “My Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen….”. Conversation: Lady Gretton should be initially addressed as “Lord-Lieutenant” and thereafter as “Lady Gretton” or “Ma’am” (pronounced as in jam).

Who was the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland?

The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland was the ex officio Grand Master of the Order of St Patrick (uniform shown here worn by William Ward, 2nd Earl of Dudley, Lord Lieutenant from 1902 to 1905). The Lord Lieutenant possessed a number of overlapping roles.

What is the difference between a Lord Justice and Lord Lieutenant?

The Lord Justices were before 1800 the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, the Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, and the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh as Primate of All Ireland. Lords Lieutenant were appointed for no set term but served for “His/Her Majesty’s pleasure” (in reality, as long as wished by the British government).

Why does the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland live in Dublin Castle?

As the location of the Viceregal Court, the Privy Council and of various governmental offices, Dublin Castle became a less than desirable full-time residence for the viceroy, vicereine and their family. In 1781 the British government bought the former ranger’s house in Phoenix Park to act as a personal residence for the Lord Lieutenant.

What is the difference between Lord-Lieutenant and Lord-Provost?

^ The Lord Provost of Edinburgh is ex officio the Lord-Lieutenant of Edinburgh. ^ The Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow, by virtue of office, is Lord Lieutenant of the County of the City of Glasgow.