Who was John Gould?

Who was John Gould?

John Gould (1804 – 1881) was an English ornithologist and bird artist. He was the enterprising genius behind the creation of 2999 hand­ colored lithographs of birds and animals. Gould was a self-made man. He did not go to university. He gained his knowledge by observation and experience.

What is the size of your J Gould and HC Richter Lith?

I have 2 J. Gould and HC Richter del eet lith by Hullmandel & walter imp. both are 14′ x 20″ one is called Petasophora Delphine Ae. and the other is Campylopterus Cuvierli. Both are framed and have ma…  read more Robert S. Antiques and Collectibles Researcher

How many pictures of tropical birds by John Gould are there?

Accurate, high resolution scans of 16 antique pictures of tropical birds by John Gould.Images are 300ppi and will be sent to you by file transfer, usually within 1 working day.John Gould was the genius behind the creation of 2999 hand colored lithographic plates of birds and animals. He was born in ..

What is the size of bird of Asia by John Gould?

What is the price for set of 7 volumes-“Birds of Asia” by John Gould ,published in London 1850-1882.Printed by Taylor and Francis.Size is 15X20 inch. Outside slightly worn, images inside are in pristi…  read more ExpertAppraiser Appraiser Master’s Degree 10,862 satisfied customers J gould & hc richter; del et lith. Sorry, didn’t finish…