Who started Pandharpur Vari?

Who started Pandharpur Vari?

According to one theory, Vitthalpant, the father of the Varkari saint Dnyaneshwar, began the Wari to visit Pandharpur in the Hindu months of Ashadha and Kartik. The tradition of performing a Wari is generally regarded to have existed for more than 800 years.

How is the Pandharpur Vari planned?

Answer: The Wari begins on the 8th/9th lunar day of the waning moon in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha and reaches a day before Ashadhi Ekadashi at Pandharpur. People from various castes and socio-economic backgrounds participate in the Wari, with the common goal to reach Pandharpur and worship the deity.

What is a Waari?

Warkari (Pronunciation: [ʋaːɾkəɾiː]; Meaning: ‘The one who performs the Wari’) is a sampradaya (religious movement) within the bhakti spiritual tradition of Hinduism, geographically associated with the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Who is guru of Tukaram Maharaj?

Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
His guru was bhakti movement Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

What message did Sant Tukaram give answer?

Answer: He believed that He who facilitates the milk from the breast for the infant and the One who permits the bursting of foliage from the branches will certainly take care of me. Most important of all was the Privilege of being a Bhakta and to exercise in life, nama japa . BRAINLIEST ANSWER .

How do you become a Warkari?

Admission to the course is purely on the basis of merit. One needs to crack an entrance exam first. Want to become a kirtankar or a preacher? Then you have to crack an entrance examination, especially if you are seeking to get admission to the Jog Maharaj Warkari Shikshan Sanstha in Alandi, about 25 km from the city.

What is ringan Sohala?

Ringan is a ritual performed by warkaris during the palkhi procession. A group of warkaris first goes around singing abhangs and bhajans. They are followed by women pilgrims who run around the circle with pots of tulsi on their heads, while others go around with flags.

What is Pandharpur Wari?

Pandharpur Wari or Wari pronounced vaaree, is an annual pilgrimage ( yatra) to the town of Pandharpur, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, to honor the deity of Hindu God Vitthal.

How do Varkaris reach Pandharpur?

Thousands of people called &lsquoVarkari’ reach Pandharpur from Alandi or Dehu after walking for about 250kms in Aashad (a hindu month which coincides with June/ July) Ekadashi (11th day of the moon). They walk with palkhis (chariots) carrying paduka (sandals) of the saints singing sacred songs. Who are Warkaris?

Why is Ashadhi Wari celebrated in Pandharpur?

During Ashadhi Wari, which is the largest annual Wari, about 9 to 10 lakh devotees from all over state come to Pandharpur to have a Darshana of the god Vitthala. The Wari occurs in the Hindu calendar month of Ashadh and hence, is known as Ashadhi Wari.

Where is Pandharpur?

Pandharpur is located in the state of Maharashtra about 73kms from Solapur and 211kms from Pune and 360kms from Mumbai. How To Reach Pandharpur From Pune?