Who makes KZ Spree Escape?

Who makes KZ Spree Escape?

Savings: $800

VIN: 4EZTA1715H4044951
Manufacturer: Kz
Model: E17FKTH
Length: 17′ 4″ or 208.00″
Width: 7′ 6″ or 90.00″

Who manufactures Escape Travel trailers?

Escape Travel Trailer Floorplans | KZ RV.

Who makes kz travel trailers?

THOR Industries, Inc.
KZ RV, Inc., a subsidiary of THOR Industries, Inc., is headquartered in Shipshewana, Indiana, and was founded in 1972 on the principles of quality, fairness, courtesy and integrity.

How much is the iCamp elite?

With all these features, it is hard to believe the iCamp Elite weighs only 2,366 pounds. And it costs under $20,000.

Where are kz travel trailers made?

Shipshewana, Indiana
KZ trailers are built in Shipshewana, Indiana, where the company was founded in 1972.

Does Thor own KZ?

ELKHART, Ind. , April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Thor Industries, Inc. (NYSE:THO) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the outstanding capital stock of recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer K-Z, Inc.

Where are Escape Travel Trailers made?

Escape Trailer Industries Ltd. is a popular manufacturing company in Chilliwack, B.C. Customers flock from all across the continent to purchase their quality moulded fibreglass trailers with extensive features and customizable options.

Who owns escape RV?

The Fastest Growing Company in the RV Resort Industry Based in Houston, Texas, the award-winning company was founded in 1989 by Ricky L. Jenkins. The Jenkins Organization has over $750 million of commercial real estate assets under management, including $500 million in owned assets.

Is Livin Lite still in business?

Livin Lite RV was an American manufacturer of recreation vehicles sold under the CampLite and QuickSilver brands. It was based in Shipshewana, Indiana. The company was most recently managed by KZ Inc., a subsidiary of Thor Industries….Livin Lite RV.

Type Subsidiary
Owner Thor Industries

How much is a little guy Max?

The Little Guy Max has a list price of $33,000—an optional off-road package adds a few thousand more—but because it’s sold through dealers you can often find it for less. And while it’s much bigger than most teardrops, it could be a good option for campers who want both the teardrop style and RV-style amenities.

How much do little guy trailers weigh?

Explore the Little Guy Micro Max Easy to Love. The MyPod is a 100% fiberglass molded body on an aluminum frame. With a dry weight of 630 lbs. and tongue weight of just 110 lbs., the MyPod is a perfect for smaller towing vehicles.

What kind of travel trailer is KZ spree escape e14rb?

2015 KZ SPREE ESCAPE E14RB, The KZ Spree Escape offers you the perfect way to enjoy your own weekend “escape”. Spree Escape offers a very lightweight travel trailer that features sleeping for seven people.

How do I contact KZ spree escape customer service?

2011 K-Z Spree Escape E14RB, FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE E-MAIL OR CALL US AT 281-331-3779 OR TOLL FREE AT 1-800-538-3779., 2011 K-Z Spree Escape E14RB, FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS GREAT DEAL, EMAIL US OR CALL TOLL FREE AT 1-866-758-3779 OR LOCAL 281-350-2267 ,

What is the weight of the Spree escape?

The Spree Escape is available in 18 floorplans that range in length from 16′ to 27′ 3″ with dry weight starting at 2,200 lbs.