Who is USMA?

Who is USMA?

USMA reached the final of the 2015 CAF Champions League but they lost to TP Mazembe . With the past of the Union Sportive Musulmane d’Alger (former name of the USMA), winner of the first 1962–63 Algerian Championnat National, the USMA is the postwar reference Algerian War ).

What is happening to the USMA?

The club is going through a difficult period. The club is financially supported, as the USMA was bought in 2010.

Who is the coach of the USM Alger?

Ben Tifour, coach of the USM Alger receives from the hands of Ben Bella president, the first trophy Algerian football championship, under the gaze of president of the FAF the Dr Maouche (left) and Minister of Defense Houari Boumedienne (right).

What is the average home attendance at USM Alger matches?

That football season, USM Alger drew an average home attendance of 24,286 for domestic league games, one of the highest in Africa. The Founders of Union Sportive Musulmane Algéroise, the Meddad brothers Ali, Saïd and Rezki at the benkanoun cafe & sports cafe.