Who is the Edolas version of Igneel?

Who is the Edolas version of Igneel?

As we all know, Porlyusica was recently revealed to be Grandineey’s Edolas counterpart. This would stand to reason that Igneel and Metalicana have Edolas counterparts as well.

Is Ignia Igneel the son?

Ignia (イグニア Igunia), also known as The Fire Dragon God (炎神竜 Enjinryū), is one of the Five Dragon Gods that inhabit the continent of Guiltina. He is the biological son of the Fire Dragon King Igneel.

Why was Igneel inside Natsu?

Igneel trained Natsu and when the time came, he, along with four other Dragons, sealed his soul inside his Slayer foster child’s body with the Dragon Soul Technique for several reasons: one was to prevent Natsu from turning into a Dragon like Acnologia by creating antibodies to prevent the Dragonification process …

Is Igneel the strongest in Fairy Tail?

Igneel was the Fire Dragon King and widely understood to be one of the most powerful dragons to ever exist throughout history. Igneel has been shown to have enough power to fight on the level of Acnologia, one of the most devastating creatures in Fairy Tail.

Is there an Edolas laxus?

If the King was Markrov’s Counterpart, Then, The Master of the Edolas Fairy tail guild that got killed might’ve been Edolas Laxus. Since, Earthland Laxus (Isn’t the master but is the closest next in line being the Grandson’s of Markrov) but, Because of his Rebellious ways in the Harvest Festival arc.

Who is gajeel Edolas?

Gajeel (ガジル Gajiru) is the Edolas counterpart of Gajeel Redfox. He is a freelance writer who writes criticism about the kingdom in newspapers and magazines. Because of this, he has a bad reputation.

Who is Ignia Fairy Tail?

Ignia is a male Dragon living in Giltena and the Fire God Dragon. He is the biological son of the Fire Dragon King, Igneel and the foster brother of Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel.

What is Acnologia’s weakness?

He seemed to be the strongest mage of the Spriggan 12 and is said to master all magic. However,Gildarts revealed his weakness,saying that he copies magic but can’t copy holder type magic like Cana’s card magic.

Is Gildarts stronger than Laxus?

Gildarts is STILL confirmed Strongest FT member. Gildarts is faster, stronger, and just as durable as Laxus with more hax. It’s basically Laxus without Lightning attacks vs Gildarts with lethal crashing magic.

What is Edolas in Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail, “Edolas” (妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル) Fearī Teiru) is an alternate universe counterpart of the Fairy Tail Guild from Earth Land. Location. Since the guild is constantly on the run from the Royal Army, the location of the guild constantly changes as well.

What is Jellal’s real name in Fairy Tail?

Mystogan (ミストガン Misutogan), whose real name is Jellal (ジェラール Jerāru), is a former S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and the current King of Edolas. He was also considered the most mysterious member of the guild, as he did not show himself, or his face, at all. He is the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes.

What happens to Magnolia in Fairy Tail?

With Wendy admitted into Fairy Tail and Gildarts ‘ homecoming, the entire town of Magnolia is thrown into disarray, as they are all sucked into the parallel universe, Edolas, through a portal.

What’s the difference between Edolas’Fairy Tail guild and earth land Guild?

Another big difference between the two guilds is that nearly all of the members of the Edolas’ Fairy Tail Guild have different personalities and appearances than their Earth Land counterparts. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.