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Who is the best supervillain ever?

The 25 Greatest Comic Book Supervillains Of All Time, Ranked

Who is the best supervillain ever?

The 25 Greatest Comic Book Supervillains Of All Time, Ranked

  1. 1 The Joker. The Joker isn’t interested in ruling the world.
  2. 2 Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom, or simply “Doom”, has been one of the primary villains of the Marvel Universe since the very beginning.
  3. 3 Magneto.
  4. 4 Lex Luthor.
  5. 5 Norman Osborn.
  6. 6 Galactus.
  7. 7 Loki.
  8. 8 Sinestro.

Who is the No 1 super hero?

The world’s favourite superhero

Rank Superhero % Share in Study
1 Spider-Man 48.7%
2 Wonder Woman 12.8%
3 Batman 9.2%
4 Iron Man 8.5%

Who is the most evil villain of all time?

The Joker & The 9 Most Evil Movie Villains Of All Time, Ranked

  1. 1 Amon Göth (Schindler’s List)
  2. 2 John Doe (Se7en)
  3. 3 Hannibal Lecter (The Silence Of The Lambs)
  4. 4 Joker.
  5. 5 Norman Bates (Psycho)
  6. 6 Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds)
  7. 7 Sauron (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy)
  8. 8 Voldemort (The Harry Potter Series)

Is Thanos a villain?

Thanos. Thanos is one of the main antagonists of the Marvel Comics universe. He is considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous villains to be created by Marvel.

Is Deadpool a villain?

Deadpool. Wade Winston Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is a major character from Marvel Comics, serving as an anti-hero/anti-villain in the majority of his appearances. He is a mutant mercenary with an insatiable bloodlust and an ability to break the fourth wall, usually aware of whatever medium he is in.

Who is the top 10 strongest superhero?

The 10 Strongest Movie Superheroes, Ranked

  1. 1 Superman Is DC’s Man Of Steel Who Overpowers Most Other Heroes.
  2. 2 Hulk And The Thing Frequently Battle For The Title Of The Strongest.
  3. 3 Wonder Woman Is An Amazonian Demigod With Enhanced Strength.
  4. 4 Thor Is An Asgardian Thunder God With An Enchanted Hammer.

Who is the No 1 villain in India?

1. Gabbar – Sholay. From screeching his leather belt on the ground to asking “Kitne admi the?”, veteran actor Amjad Khan made his character an eternal villain of Bollywood.

What villains are pure evil?

DC: 10 Villains Who Are Pure Evil & Have Never Done A Single Good Thing

  1. 1 Darkseid Is The Embodiment Of Evil.
  2. 2 Joker Is A True Psychopath.
  3. 3 Reverse Flash’s Life Is All About One Thing.
  4. 4 The Batman Who Laughs’ Whole Life Was Spreading Death And Chaos.
  5. 5 The Demons Three Live To Spread Chaos, Strife, And Pain.

Who is the strongest super villain?

Apocalypse (Marvel)

  • Thanos (Marvel)
  • Galactus (Marvel)
  • Phoenix Force (Marvel)
  • Spectre (DC)
  • Darkseid (DC)
  • Loki (Marvel)
  • Ultron (Marvel)
  • Doctor Doom (Marvel)
  • Magneto (Marvel)
  • What are the most common types of supervillains?

    S’ivaa (stronger than Yuga Khan)

  • Yuga Khan (The Strongest of the New Gods)
  • Darkseid (His strength is infinite)
  • Trigon
  • Superboy Prime
  • Atum The God Eater (True Form)
  • Asgardian Destroyer (At full strength,he is capable of fighting toe to toe with Celestials)
  • Omega (Pre-Crisis. Stated to be stronger than Validus)
  • Validus
  • Surtur
  • What are some good super villain names?

    Have an appropriate name that meshes with the time period of your story.

  • A name that is easy to pronounce will be appreciated by your readers.
  • Take the genre of your story into account.
  • Purposely misspelling your character’s name is one way to make it different,but making it too different may be off-putting to your audience.
  • Who is the strongest Marvel villain?

    APOCALYPSE. Thanks to a combination of alien augmentation and his own mutant abilities,the almost-immortal Apocalypse is one of the X-Men’s most formidable opponents.

  • ABOMINATION. Even though he’s one of the Hulk’s oldest villains,it’s easy to forget about the Abomination.
  • HELA.
  • KURSE.
  • MORG.