Who is Melody Anne?

Who is Melody Anne?

In this ever changing publishing world where anyone can self-publish and become the next big thing, New York Times and USA Today Best selling Author, Melody Anne has curved a niche for herself as one of the leading Contemporary Romance writers of our time.

Will there be a series 2 of Melody Anne’s Heartland?

This series has been so well received by Melody Anne fans that some suggested a continuation of the series. Based on her readers suggestion, she continued the series with Joseph and George’s long lost brother Richard Storm and his family.

Why should you read “Melody Anne” books?

Melody Anne is able to give you an update of Amy and Lucas’ life even in the most recent book in the series. This way readers feel like they actually know the Anderson family. To date, the series remains her most successful and well recieved work.

When did Melody Anne write her first book?

Having developed a passion for writing at a very young age, Melody Anne wrote her first book at the age of 10. It was a story about a handsome prince Charming who rescues his princess with the inevitable “happily ever after ending”.She continued to come up with stories, throughout her teenage years, although she never expected them to be published.