Who is Marco Permunian?

Who is Marco Permunian?

Marco Permunian, the founder of Italian Citizenship Assistance is an Italian born attorney raised in Rovigo, in the Veneto region of Italy. At the age of 18, Marco became the big brother to a 7-year-old foster sister who had immigrated from Lithuania who then petitioned to become an Italian citizen.

How much do Italian dual citizenship services cost?

As a rule, the dual Italian citizenship process can cost anywhere between $500 – $10,000.

What is the fastest way to get Italian citizenship?

Jure Sanguinis, also known as citizenship by descent (by blood), is one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain Italian citizenship. There is no limit to the number of descendants who can claim Italian heritage under their paternal or maternal line. Furthermore, Italy does not have a generational limit when applying.

Can I translate my own documents for Italian citizenship?

The translation can be authenticated by the Italian Consular Authorities of the country in which the certificate was issued by mean a sticker or a stamp that certifies the conformity of the translation. Otherwise, the translations of all certificate/documents issued abroad can be sworn to an Italian Court.

Can Italian American become Italian citizen?

You can get dual citizenship in USA and Italy if you can prove you have Italian ancestry with a demonstrable unbroken line of citizenship. Since 1992, Italy has allowed dual citizenship with the United States, and you will not need to renounce your American citizenship during the process of applying.

Is Italian dual citizenship worth it?

Italian dual citizenship can create incredible opportunities and foster wonderful cultural exchanges. The main benefits Dual Italian Citizens enjoy are: The ability to work, reside and study in Italy and across the 27 EU member states (e.g. Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands etc.) without the need of a Visa.

What are the benefits of having an Italian passport?

SOME BENEFITS OF HAVING AN ITALIAN PASSPORT Italy has one of the most powerful passports in the world with bearers being able to travel visa-free to 127 countries visa-free (as of early 2019). Italian citizenship gives you the rights and privileges to freely roam around the EU without limitations.

How long does it take to become an Italian citizen?

The naturalization process usually takes over 10 years. Citizenship by marriage can be obtained after two years of residence in Italy or after three years of residence outside the country. Foreigners can get an Italian passport after working for the Italian gove ment for five years, even outside the country.

Do apostilles need to be translated Italian citizenship?

“Apostille” is the legalization provided by the Office of the Secretary of State of the Country where the certificate is issued. Please note: it is not a stamp on the certificate. It is generally a separate document stapled to the birth/marriage/death/ certificate. The Apostille does not require any translation.

How do I translate a document to Italian?

In order for an Italian consular clerk to certify translations, you will need to provide the consulate with the original documents via mail, or you might need to submit them in person. You will need to pay a fee in order to obtain the certifications.

Can I buy Italian citizenship?

Italian citizenship cannot be obtained by investment but the country has a residence permit program.

Can I have dual U.S. and Italian citizenship?

Note that you can hold both American and Italian citizenship, in other words, dual citizenship is permitted.

What does an Italian American citizenship lawyer in New York do?

As an Italian American Citizenship Lawyer in New York, I assist American citizens of Italian ancestry obtain Dual Italian Citizenship. My assistance is limited in procuring the required birth, marriage, and death certificates. I do not interact with Italian Consulates.

Can a US citizen have dual citizenship with Italy?

After 1992 Italy allows dual citizenship with the United States. As long as you can prove your Italian ancestry, you can become an Italian citizen. Italy does not require you to renounce your citizenship(s) when you claim your Dual citizenship. Therefore, Dual Citizenship with Italy can be lawfully pursued.

What are the citizenship laws in Italy?

Italian citizenship laws are based on the principle of recognition of citizenship by paternal derivation to the citizen’s son regardless of the place of birth.

How to become an Italian citizen jus sanguinis?

People that qualify for citizenship jus sanguinis, have a great advantage over those that do not have Italian descents, and have to go through the naturalization process. Italian law states that a foreigner must live in Italy for 10 years, and meet many other requirements in order to naturalize as an Italian citizen.