Who is Liu Yiqian?

Who is Liu Yiqian?

Chinese tycoon Liu Yiqian (L) and his wife Wang Wei hold framed pictures reproducing a 600-year-old Tibetan embroidered artwork called thangka at Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong on March 12, 2015. The ancient Tibetan silk tapestry broke a world auction record for Chinese art in Hong Kong after it […] Neverland’s Best Hope: A Chinese Buyer?

How much is Liu Yiqian’s Meiyintang Cup worth?

Liu Yiqian drinks from his $36.3 million Meiyintang chicken cup. Photo: courtesy Sotheby’s.

How did Liu Yiqian make his money?

Liu Yiqian ( Chinese: 刘益谦; pinyin: Liú Yìqiān, pronounced [ljǒu îtɕʰjɛ́n], born 1963) is a former Shanghai taxi driver, who turned autodidact billionaire investor and art collector. He has built his fortune since the mid-1980s by investing in stock trading, real estate and pharmaceuticals.

Is Liu Yiqian China’s richest man?

One of China’s richest men, his antics continue to amuse and alarm. The New Yorker has a long—and we mean really long—profile of Liu Yiqian, one of China’s richest men. He also happens to be a flamboyant art collector and museum builder whose antics have drawn both praise and consternation from observers and art experts.