Who is leaving River City?

Who is leaving River City?

Actor and trans rights advocate David Paisley has said he is leaving Scotland because he no longer feels “safe”. The River City star said he had made the “big and difficult” decision to settle somewhere else, and that he would continue to support the Scottish LGBT movment from afar.

Who is the new doctor in River City?

Gillian Gibson
The new Shieldinch doctor, Gillian Gibson, is played by Edinburgh’s Gail Watson.

Who is the new lawyer in River City?

As Sonny’s fears grow he faces a race against time to find Stevie – before it’s too late. Elsewhere, Caitlin’s new defence lawyer, Laura Haynes, turns up unexpectedly. As Laura digs deeper into Caitlin’s testimony, she uncovers the perfect defence for her client: blame Maggie for Joe’s murder.

Who is Duncan Campbell Baxter River City?

John Bett
Present characters

Character Actor(s) Duration
Duncan Campbell-Baxter John Bett 2021–present
Gillian Gibson Gail Watson 2022–present
Michael ‘Mikey’ Duffy Darren Brownlie 2022–present
Andrew Campbell-Baxter Greg Powrie 2022–present

Who is leaving River City 2021?

Actor Sean Connor, alongside David Paisley and Charlene Boyd all appear to have made an exit from the soap after the latest episodes. Sean, who plays Dylan in the soap based in fictional Shieldinch, took to his social media to bid farewell to the show after two years.

Can you visit River City set?

In February 2022, it was announced the cast were back filming another series….

River City
Production locations Dumbarton, Scotland
Camera setup Multiple camera setup
Running time 30 minutes (2002–2007, 2022–) 60 minutes (2007–2022)

Who is Rory’s mum in River City?

Mary Murdoch
Rory is Lenny’s son from his first marriage to Mary Murdoch.

Who is Jessie’s mum in River City?

Holly Jack (born 1989 or 1990) is a Scottish actress and acting coach.

Is Roisin coming back to River City?

If you’re a fan of the Glasgow-based show, you may have seen a familiar face in the news as she announced her return after 13 years away from the hit BBC Scotland soap. Yes – Roisin McIntyre is coming back!

Is Lydia coming back to River City?

Kieran Hannigan, Executive Producer, is thrilled to welcome Jacqueline back to the drama: “We’re delighted to have Jacqueline back on board at River City. She’s part of River City’s rich history and Lydia’s return will no doubt prove unsettling for her stoic estranged husband, Lenny. Lydia Murdoch is a force of nature.

Is Alex Murdoch leaving River City?

Events will reach a dramatic climax in Tuesday’s episode with Alex set to exit the show in explosive fashion (no spoilers, sorry). He admits to mixed emotions about his departure from River City: delighted to have been given such a meaty story arc, yet vexed about leaving the cast he joined last February.

Where was River City filmed?

Where is River City filmed? The set is built on the site of old whisky warehouses in Dumbarton. Location shots are sometimes filmed around the city. In times where the drama leaves Shieldinch, picturesque Loch Lomond and surrounding areas have been used previously.