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Who is Herta Muller?

Who is Herta Müller?

Herta Müller (born 17 August 1953) is a Romanian-born German novelist, poet, essayist and recipient of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature.

What are the best books about Herta Müller?

Thomas Daum (ed.), Herta Müller, Frankfurt am Main 2003. Norbert Otto Eke (ed.), Die erfundene Wahrnehmung, Paderborn 1991. Valentina Glajar, “The Discourse of Discontent: Politics and Dictatorship in Hert Müller’s Herztier .” The German Legacy in East Central Europe. As Recorded in Recent German Language Literature Ed. Valentina Glajar.

What did Herta Müller say about the Securitate?

Herta Müller interview by Radio Romania International on Aug 17, 2007. Retrieved on 7 October 2009 “Securitate in all but name”, by Herta Müller. About her ongoing fight with the Securitate, August 2009 “Everything I Own I Carry with Me”, excerpt from the novel. September 2009 How could I forgive.

Why was Herta Müller awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

The award coincided with the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism. Michael Krüger, head of Müller’s publishing house, said: “By giving the award to Herta Müller, who grew up in a German-speaking minority in Romania, the committee has recognized an author who refuses to let the inhumane side of life under communism be forgotten”