Who bought Dangote Flour?

What is Dangote flour made from?

Who bought Dangote Flour?

Olam International Ltd.
On November 1, Olam International Ltd. completed the acquisition of Dangote Flour Mills for N120 billion. In April 2019, the Singaporean company submitted an offer to acquire 100 percent equity of Dangote Flour.

When was Dangote Flour delisted?

18 November 2019
Consequently, Dealing Members are hereby notified that DFM was today, 18 November 2019, delisted from the Daily Official List of The Exchange.

What is Dangote flour made from?

Dangote Flour Mills Plc mills wheat and produces wheat products in Nigeria which includes bread flour, confectionary flour, pasta semolina and bran (wheat offal).

What happened Dangote Flour?

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) delisted Dangote Flour Mills (DFM) Plc from its official list, ending the 11 years history of the company as a quoted public limited liability company. The delisting marked the formal conclusion of the acquisition of DFM by Crown Flour Mills, a subsidiary of Olam International Limited.

Who is the registrar of Dangote Flour?

Dangote Flour Mills Plc has announced to its shareholders to update their contacts with EDC Registrars Limited.

What is the share value of Dangote Flour?

The current share price of Dangote Flour Mills Plc (DANGFLOUR) is NGN 22.25.

Date Volume Close
2019-10-22 689,704 23.00
2019-10-21 244,533 23.00
2019-10-18 300,532 23.00
2019-10-17 345,137 23.00

What happened to Dangote Flour shareholders?

The company said in a regulatory filing that the takeover has become effective following the communication of the court’s decision to CAC, adding that the conclusion of the acquisition means that the shares of Dangote Flour Mills will now be delisted from the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

How much is a bag of flour in Nigeria 2019?

Here the average market prices today: 50kg Bag of Dangote Flour – ₦11,500 to ₦13,500. 50Kg Bag of Golden Penny Flour – ₦11,500 – ₦15,000. 50Kg Bag of Honeywell Flour – ₦11,500 – ₦13,000.

How do I claim unclaimed dividends in Nigeria?

How to Check and Claim Your Dividends

  1. Take note of your Registrar’s name.
  2. Note the name of the company you have their shares.
  3. Take note of your investment account number.
  4. Click on the link at the top of the SEC Portal and download your Registrar’s e-mandate form.

What is the share price of Dangote Sugar?

NGN 15.85
The current share price of Dangote Sugar Refinery (DANGSUGAR) is NGN 15.85. DANGSUGAR closed its last trading day (Thursday, April 14, 2022) at 15.85 NGN per share on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX), recording a 5.1% drop from its previous closing price of 16.70 NGN.

Is Bua group listed?

BUA Cement PLC is a publicly listed firm headquartered in Nigeria, it produces and markets cement products in the country. It is the second largest producer in Nigeria after Dangote Cement.