Which method in Selenium Webdriver is used as a verification method?

Which method in Selenium Webdriver is used as a verification method?

isDisplayed() is the method used to verify presence of a web element within the webpage.

Is selected method in Selenium?

isSelected() Method in Selenium The isSelected() method checks that if an element is selected on the web page or not. It returns a boolean value (true) if selected, else false for deselected. It can be executed only on a radio button, checkbox, and so on.

How do you check visibility of an element in Selenium?

To check Element Present:

  1. if(driver.findElement(By.xpath(“value”))!= null){
  2. if( driver.findElement(By.cssSelector(“a > font”)).isDisplayed()){ System.out.println(“Element is Visible”);
  3. if( driver.findElement(By.cssSelector(“a > font”)).isEnabled()){
  4. if(driver.getPageSource().contains(“Text to check”)){

Is visible method in Selenium?

isDisplayed() The isDisplayed method in Selenium verifies if a certain element is present and displayed. If the element is displayed, then the value returned is true. If not, then the value returned is false.

Which methods navigates to a url?

Selenium WebDriver provides methods to navigate to a url; these are driver. get() and driver. navigate().to() .

What is the return type of getTagName () method in Selenium?

a) The getTagName() method takes nothing as a parameter and returns a String value.

How do you know if an element is visible?


  1. Use the getBoundingClientRect() method to get the size of the element and its relative position to the viewport.
  2. Compare the position of the element with the viewport height and width to check if the element is visible in the viewport or not.

What is the difference between isPresent and isDisplayed?

isDisplayed resolves to whether the element is visible or not, but throws an exception if it is not in the DOM. isPresent resolves to whether it is there in the DOM or not, regardless of whether it is actually visible or not. It doesn’t throw an exception.

What is linkText and partial link text?

Apart from the locators available for any WebElement, Links also have link text based locators: By. linkText() – locates the links based on the exact match of the link’s text provided as a parameter. By. partialLinkText() – locates links based on the partial text match of the link’s text.

What is the difference between close and quit methods in WebDriver?

close() closes only the current window on which Selenium is running automated tests. The WebDriver session, however, remains active. On the other hand, the driver. quit() method closes all browser windows and ends the WebDriver session.

Which methods navigates to a URL?