Which is richer West Bengal or Bangladesh?

Which is richer West Bengal or Bangladesh?

Today, with a per capita income of just about $1,695 and GDP of $210 billion, West Bengal is well behind Bangladesh and is even trailing Pakistan.

Is West Bengal better than Bangladesh?

Yes.. On almost all social fronts its better. Bangladesh surpassed india in terms of HDI. On economic front Bangladesh Per capita income is $ 1677 Vs Bengal’s $ 1600 and India’s $ 1800.

Is West Bengal rich or poor?

Economy of West Bengal

GDP per capita ₹132,932 (US$1,700) (2020–21)
GDP by sector Agriculture: 23% Industry: 20% Services: 57% (2020–21)
Population below poverty line 19.98% in poverty (2020-21)
Human Development Index 0.641 (2019)

Which one is bigger West Bengal or Bangladesh?

The total area of Bengal is 232,752 km2—West Bengal is 88,752 km2 (34,267 sq mi) and Bangladesh 147,570 km2 (56,977 sq mi).

Is Bangladesh more developed than Pakistan?

With a higher GDP and smaller population Bangladesh has a much higher GDP per capita compared with Pakistan. Its GDP per capita of $1,969 in 2020 is nearly double of Pakistan’s $1,194. Barring a slump during the pandemic, the share of exports in Bangladesh’s GDP has grown rapidly since the 2000s.

Is Bangladesh more developed than India?

India is a developing country while Bangladesh is still a least developed country (LDC). Bangladesh has been experiencing steady and high growth over the last decade. At the same time, Bangladesh has been successful in reducing population growth since its independence through active interventions.

Is Dhaka bigger than Kolkata?

Kolkata has a population of nearly 14 million people (metro population is 4.5 million) while Dhaka has 14 million (with metro population of 7 million). However the spread of urban Dhaka is way smaller than that of Kolkata at present.

Which is the richest district in West Bengal?

Purba Medinipur
List of West Bengal districts ranked by literacy rate

Rank District Literacy Rate (%) 2011 Census (excluding 0-6 age group)
1 Purba Medinipur 87.66
2 Kolkata 87.14
3 North 24 Parganas 84.95
4 Howrah 83.85

Is Bangladesh richer than India?

With $355 billion, Bangladesh, the second-biggest economy in South Asia, first overtook India in 2020 in terms of per capita GDP, a measure of the economic prosperity of a nation, thanks to its more than 6 per cent annual economic expansion for the last 15 years.

Why is Bangladesh so rich?

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in the world as well as the fastest growing economy in the South Asia. In the decade following 2004, Bangladesh averaged a GDP growth of 4.5%. This growth had been largely driven by its exports of ready made garments, remittances and the domestic agricultural sector.

Is Pakistan better than Bangladesh?

Bangladesh outpaces Pakistan across all standard economic indicators, including nominal gross domestic product, GDP per capita, GDP’s growth rate and foreign reserves. It has now become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

How much does West Bengal contribute to Bangladesh’s GDP?

The average per capita income of West Bengal was reported to be $1,500 during the same period. When it comes to sector-wise contributions, the services sector was the largest in the two Bengals, contributing 59 per cent in West Bengal and 52 per cent in Bangladesh. The manufacturing sector comes second, generating 34 per cent of Bangladesh’s GDP.

What is the difference between Bangladesh and West Bengal?

While Bangladesh is a full fledged independent country, West Bengal is only a state (important one though) in the Union of India. Calcutta (now called Kolkata) was the center of whole of undivided Bengal until British divided it into west and East Bengal with Dhaka being made the capital of East Bengal.

What is the difference between Bengali and Bengali?

A person born in Bengal is an Indian first and then Bengali while a person born in Bangladesh is always a Bangladeshi. While Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy, Bengal too follows the same democracy though it has been traditionally ruled by Left parties.

How big is the textile industry in West Bengal?

Currently, the textile and apparel sector in West Bengal accounts for about 9 per cent of the state domestic product and employs around two million people. Bengalis in Bangladesh have also outperformed Bengalis of West Bengal on most social indicators.