Where is Shaws Bridge Belfast?

BelfastShaw’s Bridge / Location

Where is Shaws Bridge Belfast?

BelfastShaw’s Bridge / Location

When was Shaws bridge built?

This five-arched stone bridge was built in 1709 with stones most likely taken from the ruins of a nearby fort. It was originally an oak bridge built by Captain Shaw in 1655 to allow Oliver Cromwell’s gunners to cross the River Lagan.

How long is Shaws bridge Walk?

2.6 miles
After 200m the path swings right and climbs slightly to a point when Malone House is just visible across the river valley….Minnowburn, Shaw’s Bridge and Edenderry.

TYPE Circular walk through woodland, parkland and open meadows.
DISTANCE 2.6 miles / 4.2 km

How long is Shaws bridge?

The road forms Belfast’s outer-ring road, and crosses the Lagan on a specially constructed bridge, 20m downstream of the existing bridge. This bridge, also referred to as Shaw’s Bridge, is a concrete arch bridge which crosses the river and the footpaths on either side in one 70m span.

What county is Shaws bridge in?

Shaw’s Bridge is the name given to two adjacent bridges across the River Lagan in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The older of the bridges is a historic stone arched bridge, which is open to cyclists and pedestrians.

How long is the Lagan towpath?

11 miles
The Lagan towpath, owned by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, can be accessed from numerous locations including Lockview Road car park and Union Locks. It provides 11 miles / 17km of continuous off-road public access linking the cities of Belfast and Lisburn.

Where does the Lagan towpath start?

You can start at Stranmillis in Belfast or at the Island Centre in Lisburn and the walk is 11 miles or 17 kms long. You can extend it to the Odyssey complex, where the River Lagan enters Belfast Lough. The Lagan Valley Regional Park gives you a chance to explore the countryside on the city’s doorstep.

How long is Shaws Bridge?

Minnowburn, Shaw’s Bridge and Edenderry

TYPE Circular walk through woodland, parkland and open meadows.
DISTANCE 2.6 miles / 4.2 km
SURFACES Mostly well made compacted surfaces with variable slopes. The meadow at Edenderry can be slightly muddy.
HEIGHT GAIN / LOSS 230 feet climb

Where does the River Lagan start?

Slieve CroobRiver Lagan / Source

Where does the towpath start and end?

The Towpath Trail in Cleveland begins at the future site of Canal Basin Park, where the Ohio & Erie Canal met the Cuyahoga River, and continues on to Scranton Flats, the first publicly funded section of Towpath Trail in the City of Cleveland, and continues to Harvard Avenue.

How long is the towpath from Lisburn to Belfast?

around 11 miles
It takes the walker along the river and the historical canal, through wetland, meadows and woods, from Belfast to the city of Lisburn – a distance of around 11 miles. It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty and the terrain is off-road, on quiet, surfaced paths.