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Where is Matt Cameron from?

San Diego, CAMatt Cameron / Place of birth

Where is Matt Cameron from?

San Diego, CAMatt Cameron / Place of birth

Is Matt Cameron a good drummer?

With the bombast and precision of a top-shelf metal drummer but a deep knowledge of punk and garage rock and a flair for oddball time signatures, Cameron is the kind of drummer that gets respect across genres and generations.

Why did Matt Cameron leave Soundgarden?

On November 15, 2013, Cameron announced that he would not be touring with Soundgarden in 2014, due to prior commitments promoting Pearl Jam’s album Lightning Bolt.

How tall is Soundgarden?

But the report revealed the drugs “did not contribute to the cause of death.” Cornell, who was 6-foot-3 and weighed 180 pounds, was in a torn gray T-shirt and black underwear, according to officials.

What brand of drums does Matt Cameron play?

Remo’s Matthew Cameron artist page lists that he uses the Remo Clear Emperor drum heads.

How did Matt Cameron join Pearl Jam?

He immediately started to get calls from bands ranging from The Indigo Girls to The Smashing Pumpkins. But, Cameron decided to take it easy for a while and lay low. Then, in the summer of 1998, Eddie Vedder (singer of Pearl Jam), asked him if he’d be interested on going on tour with the band.

How tall is Tim Commerford?

6′ 4″Tim Commerford / Height

What color eyes does Chris Cornell have?

Hazel Grey
Chris Cornell (Singer) Age, Death Cause, Affairs, Wife, Biography & More

Eye Colour Hazel Grey
Hair Colour Brown
Personal Life
Date of Birth 20 July 1964

Why did Jack Irons quit Pearl Jam?

In 1998, prior to Pearl Jam’s U.S. Yield Tour, Irons left the band due to dissatisfaction with touring. Pearl Jam’s sound engineer Brett Eliason stated, “We went and did Hawaii and Australia with Jack. When we came back, Jack wasn’t in a position to carry on. He made that decision more or less by himself.

How old is Matt Cameron?

Matt Cameron (playwright) Matt Cameron (born 1969) is an Australian playwright, screenwriter and director, born and based in Melbourne.

How old is Matthew Cameron of Pearl Jam?

Matthew David Cameron (born November 28, 1962) is an American musician who is the drummer for Pearl Jam. He first gained fame as the drummer for Seattle-based rock band Soundgarden, which he joined in 1986. He appeared on each of the band’s studio albums until its break-up in 1997.

How old was Matt Cameron when he started Kiss?

Matt Cameron was born and raised in San Diego, California. Cameron began playing drums at an early age. At the age of thirteen, he and some friends played in a cover band called “Kiss” (with the word imitation written underneath the name, in small print ). During this stint, he met Paul Stanley.

What happened to David Cameron from Soundgarden?

In 2010, Cameron became simultaneously a member of Pearl Jam and the reunited Soundgarden. He remained with Soundgarden until its disbandment after the death of its lead singer, Chris Cornell, in 2017. Cameron, along with guitarist Kim Thayil and Cornell, are the only three members which featured on every Soundgarden studio album.