Where can I park at Monash Caulfield?

Where can I park at Monash Caulfield?

Monash Uni. Caulfield Parking 25 places

  • Parking along Sir John Monash Drive. Paid parking.
  • Parking along Waverly rd. Parking along Dandenong rd.
  • Building J. Ticket machine parking.
  • Red permit parking. Red permit parking.
  • Parking along Dandenong rd. Parking along Clarence st.
  • Parking along Finch st.
  • Ticketed parking.

Does Monash University have free parking?

You can park for free: from 4pm in blue and metered zones (unless otherwise signed) from 5pm in the red and yellow zones. on the weekend in the blue, red, yellow and metered zones.

How much does it cost to park at Monash?

Permit prices

Permit Price
2 hour $6
4 hour $12
5 hour $15
8 hour (all day) $24

Where can I park at Clayton Monash?

Monash Uni. Clayton Parking 24 places

  • NE2 carpark (residental halls)
  • NE7 carpark (residental halls)
  • Carpark and residential halls entry (Normanby Road)
  • Carpark and residential halls entry (Blackburn Road)
  • SE3 Car park.
  • E1 carpark (residential halls, Monash Sport)
  • NE3 (Normanby House) parking.

How do I get a parking permit in Monash?

Staff who are eligible to buy a permit can access the vPermit system from the Transport and parking tile in the my. monash portal. For all others who apply for a parking permit, you need to log into your account in the vPermit system.

How do I pay for parking on CellOPark?

CellOPark is a new and improved way to pay for parking. You simply use your mobile phone (or any internet connected device) to start and stop a parking session, so you pay only for the time you actually parked.

How do I pay CellOPark?

Payments for parking sessions are made automatically according to your selected payment method when you register with CellOPark. If you opt to pay with a credit card or debit card, payment will be deducted monthly for all the parking sessions you have had during that month.

Why did CellOPark charge a dollar?

Why was I charged $1 and I haven’t used the app yet? The $1 you see in your credit card statement is not a charge and it will automatically return to your account. You do not need to do anything. Since CellOPark charges your account once a month, we have to make sure that the card you enter is a valid card.

What is CellOPark premium?

CellOPark premium accounts benefit from. Reminders that can save you (a lot of) money. Avoid fines. We will remind you 15 minutes before your parking is due to expire and an action is required. Save money.

Is CellOPark safe?

Are my personal details safe? Yes. CellOPark takes its customers information and privacy very seriously and is bound by all Privacy Acts and Regulations. Your personal information is stored on highly secure servers located in a world-leading datacentre based in Australia.

How much does parking cost at UQ?

UQ Staff permit costs

Permit type Fortnightly fee Annual fee
Full-time $50 $1300
2 days per fortnight $10 $260
4 days per fortnight $20 $520
6 days per fortnight $30 $780

Does Monash University offer special parking permits?

We offer a small number of special parking permits for departments, contractors, childcare, Monash Sport and on campus businesses. All of our campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws and the Monash University parking rules.

How do I get to Monash University by car or motorcycle?

If you’re coming to a Monash campus by car or motorcycle, you’ll need somewhere to park. We provide a number of parking options at all of our campuses. Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get to campus. On arrival, we offer shower, changing and bike parking facilities.

How can I ensure I’m parking in the correct permit area?

To ensure you’re parking in the correct permit area, check local parking permit signs in each car park. Regulations apply at the Parkville campus and all other areas at all times. See transport and parking for parking maps and more information.

Is there free parking on campus during teaching periods?

From 8am on Monday 4 October until 4pm on Friday 5 November, authorised students and members of staff who are attending campus for permitted study and work will be provided with free parking. The details are on the parking updates page. The following regulations apply all year round, regardless of whether it’s a teaching or non-teaching period.