Where can I find old newspaper articles in Australia?

Where can I find old newspaper articles in Australia?


  1. Trove. You can access a huge repository of Australian material in this online search engine developed by the National Library of Australia.
  2. Digitised Australian newspapers @ Trove. Go directly to Trove’s newspaper collection.
  3. Trove Search Help Centre – Searching Newspapers.
  4. Finding newspaper articles.

Does the library keep copies of newspapers?

Public libraries and archives throughout the United States offer access to collections of historical newspapers. Before starting your research, contact your local library or archive to see if they have digital archives you can look at. In many cases, historical newspapers are available solely on microfilm.

How do I access The West Australian newspaper?

With an Everyday Digital subscription, read the daily digital newspaper editions of The West Australian and The Sunday Times on all your devices*, as well as unlock all the articles on Available after 6am WST everyday, and on both Apple and Android devices, or via your desktop.

How do I find an old newspaper?

Contact the Newspaper The newspaper will notify you if the date you require is out of print. Request a photocopy or PDF version of the newspaper. The newspaper may be able to pull a copy of the newspaper edition you want from their microfilm or microfiche files. Photocopies and PDF files generally incur a fee.

How do you get backdate a newspaper?

Here’s how.

  1. The local library. Many local libraries keep copies of their local newspapers, either in microfiche format or in great big piles of newsprint.
  2. Google’s News Archive Search. Google has digitised some newspapers from around the world.
  3. Purchasing a copy of a newspaper.

Is The West Australian app free?

The app highlights the issues that are important to WA. And it’s free. Grab it today and have the news at your fingertips. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

Who owns The West Australian newspaper?

Seven Group Holdings
Seven West Media

Type Public
Key people Kerry Stokes (Chairman) James Warburton (Managing Director & CEO)
Products Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Websites
Owner Seven Group Holdings (40.2%)

How do I find old newspaper articles for free?

If you don’t see an online version in the library catalog or it is the wrong time period, try finding freely available digitized versions through:

  1. Williams WorldCat.
  2. International Coalition on Newspapers list of newspaper digitization projects.
  3. Google News Archive Search.

What is the West Australian Newspapers collection?

The West Australian Newspapers Collection is a collection of 1,160 photographs taken by the staff of Western Australian Newspapers. It consists mainly of images of places, people and events in Western Australia between 1957-1964. The State Library is always looking to fill gaps in its newspaper collection and to replace issues in poor condition.

What is the oldest newspaper in Perth?

The West Australian – originally started as The Perth Gazette on 5 January 1833. Its name was changed to The West Australian in 1879 and it has always been Perth’s major metropolitan newspaper.

Where can I read the West Australian-archive digital editions?

You can now read a digital edition of The West Australian – Archive Digital Editions – no matter where you are in the world. The digital edition can be read from any location on any computer that has an internet connection – no downloads or plug-ins are needed.

What is the history of the Western Mail?

The Western Mail – began as a weekly version of The West Australian in 1885. It ran until 1955 when it became The Countryman. The Herald – a major newspaper of the day, it was published in Fremantle from 1867-1886. The Mirror – published from 1921-1956 and was the “scandal sheet” of its day, dealing with “juicy” divorce cases and the like.