Where can I find a good catering company in Manila?

Where can I find a good catering company in Manila?

Top catering company in Manila, Philippines that cater to any type of events within Manila and surrounding areas – Tagaytay, Rizal, Laguna, etc Mezzanine Floor Anna-Rey & Sons Bldg. Mt. Apo St., Brgy 7-A Poblacion . Davao City .

Where can I find catering services in Quezon City?

We also provide catering services, meals on wheels and customised cakes and pastries for your party needs. 63 Eugenio Lopez St. South Triangle . Quezon City . Metro Manila . South Road Bulacao . Cebu City . Cebu . 111 Dr. Lazcano Street corner Tomas Morato Avenue, Sacred Heart . Quezon City .

Who is the owner of Filipino fast food restaurant in Toronto?

R emely’s Filipino Fast-Food Restaurant & Catering Services is the first in Toronto. Under the direction of the Master Chef and owner Remely Depante Gutierrez, we only use the finest and freshest ingredients. Our catering services require a minimum of 100 people up to a banquet of 1,000.

Why choose Margarita Fores catering company?

Owned by Margarita Fores, this catering company has become one of the most premier wedding caterers in the Philippines. Their take on classic dishes will surely give you culinary comforts and redefine your taste. They don’t only fill your stomach with extreme satisfaction. They’ll also make you want for more.

What makes verleo the best catering service in Manila?

One thing that makes Verleo one of the most successful catering service around in Manila is the wide variety of choices of food available, the quality of the food (which is not sacrificed no matter the price of the package), AND the generous servings of food provided. Now this is a hidden gem!

Are catering chairs worth the cost?

Trust me, the chairs are worth it! Probably the most prolific and popular catering service, Verleo offers packages that start at the very affordable range of P260 / head. They also have packages that are as high as P890 / head, so don’t think of this catering service as just for cheapskates, either.