When did Murton colliery close?

When did Murton colliery close?

November 1991
At nationalisation in 1947 the colliery passed into the hands of the National Coal Board and worked up to the closure in November 1991.

How many miners died in the Gresford disaster?

Gresford disaster

The memorial on Bluebell Lane, Pandy, incorporating the old pit wheel, commemorating the victims of the Gresford Disaster
Date 22 September 1934
Type Coal mine explosion and fire
Cause Exact cause not determined
Deaths 266

How many people died in the rounds green colliery disaster?

On the morning of Tuesday 17th November 1846 there was an explosion at the colliery killing 19 men and boys and seriously injuring another 5.

How many people died in the Stanley pit disaster?

168 men
The mine opened in 1832 and was closed in 1936. Over the years several seams were worked through four shafts: Kettledrum pit, Lamp pit, Mary pit and New pit. In 1882 an underground explosion killed 13 men and in 1909 another explosion killed 168 men….West Stanley Pit disaster.

Type deep mine
Greatest depth 163 fathoms

Is Murton a nice place to live?

Murton is among the top 5 most dangerous small towns in Durham, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Durham’s 169 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Murton in 2021 was 111 crimes per 1,000 people.

How deep was Llay Main Colliery?

Sometime after Nationalisation in 1947 the shafts were deepened to 1,000 yards making it the deepest pit the country.

Who died in the Gresford disaster?

Anders, John Thomas Repairer 31 (39) Bertie Road, Wrexham
Brown, George* Rescuer Birkett St. Rhostyllen (Killed on the surface three days later)
Brown, William Arthur Rider Haulage 2 Albert St; Wrexham*
Bryan, John A.H. Packer 72 Llewellyn Road, Coedpoeth
Buckley, A. Haulage Mountain View, Windy Hill, Summerhill

What happened on the 17th November 1846 at Rounds Green Colliery in Oldbury?

Shortly after twenty-five men had descended the pit on a Tuesday morning, a section of the men was found to be filled with firedamp. The mine was worked with naked lights and the subsequent explosion killed nineteen and another was not expected to survive.

Where is Durham Mining Museum?

Town Hall, Spennymoor, County Durham. For more information visit our the DMM website.

Is Murton rough?

How many people live in Murton Durham?

Murton, County Durham

Population 4,534 (2011 Census)
OS grid reference NZ323702
Unitary authority County Durham
Ceremonial county County Durham

How many people live in Llay?


Llay Welsh: Llai
The Miners’ Welfare Institute, the largest such building in the country at completion in 1931
Llay Location within Wrexham
Population 4,814 (2011 Census)
OS grid reference SJ334561

When did Murton Colliery close?

Murton Colliery closed on the 29th of November 1991. Murton Colliery was commenced in 1838, and after tremendous difficulties, was sunk to the Hutton seam, a depth of 246 fathoms. The other workable seams won in sinking were the Five Quarter seam, 178, Main coal, 204, and Low Main, 226 fathoms.

When was South Hetton Colliery opened?

After encountering significant problems with quicksand, the colliery was eventually ‘won’ and opened in April 1843. It was owned by the South Hetton Coal Co. In 1925 there were 3,636 employed at the colliery (2,799 working below ground, and 837 working on the surface). [ 1]

When did Mary Ann move from Moorsley to Murton?

Around 1839 when Mary Ann was six years old her family moved from Moorsley to the nearby pit village of Murton.

How many people are employed at Seaham Colliery?

The daily output is over 3000 tons, and includes steam, gas, household coal, etc., in the production of which, including the coke-works, nearly 2000 men and boys are employed. The coals from this colliery are shipped principally at Seaham Harbour and Sunderland, the company having a private line of their own to the former port…..