What was the name of the 1980 Summer Olympics?

What was the name of the 1980 Summer Olympics?

The 1980 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXII Olympiad (Russian: И́гры XXII Олимпиа́ды, tr.

What happened at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid?

The 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York was one to be remembered. The seventh seeded US hockey team was composed of young, average kids, not holding much hope for a victory against the undefeated Soviets.

How many referees were there at the 1980 Olympics?

There were 1,245 referees from 78 countries. A series of commemorative coins was released in the USSR in 1977–1980 to commemorate the event. It consisted of five platinum coins, six gold coins, 28 silver coins and six copper-nickel coins.

Where can I find a good book on the 1980 Olympics?

“Moscow 1980”. International Olympic Committee. John Goodbody, The Illustrated History of Gymnastics, 1982, ISBN 0-09-143350-9. Bill Henry, An Approved History of the Olympic Games, ISBN 0-88284-243-9.

How many golds did Soviet wrestlers win at the 1980 Olympics?

Soviet wrestlers won 12 golds. Because of the U.S. boycott, changes were made to the traditional elements of the closing ceremony that represent the handover to the host city of the next Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Was there a surrogate war at the 1984 Olympics?

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Who won the Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling in 1984?

In Greco-Roman wrestling, Ferenc Kocsis of Hungary was declared the winner of the 163 pound class when the defending champion Anatoly Bykov was disqualified for passivity. Soviet wrestlers won 12 golds.