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What type of paint is Rust Bullet?

What type of paint is Rust Bullet?

Performance Concrete Paint
The High Performance Concrete Paint This product requires no primer, basecoat, or topcoat and is easy to apply by brush, roller, or spray equipment. It protects from hot tire pickup and is perfect for indoor or outdoor surfaces.

What is better Rust Bullet or por 15?

While products like POR15 simply provide a coating on the car surface, the Rust Bullet products are specifically designed to penetrate the metal surface and mix the rust. This feature helps in better rust prevention for the products and attacks rust right at the root level thus offering better protection.

How long does Rust Bullet last?

Unopened, Rust Bullet has a shelf life of at least two years. Once opened, the shelf life is approximately one month. Once a container is opened it is imperative to recover it as quickly possible.

How does Rust Bullet work?

When applied to a rusty surface, Rust Bullet penetrates the rust layer to the iron or steel underneath before applying a film. Rust Bullet dehydrates the rust, allowing it to intertwine with the resin matrix and become a permanent part of the protective coating.

Can I paint over Rust Bullet?

Rust Bullet can be used as an automotive primer and can be wet sanded and directly painted over. Before applying a finish color to a surface coated with Rust Bullet, we recommend wet sanding the surface with a very fine sand paper.

How long does Rust Bullet take to dry?

approximately 2 to 6 hours
Optimum drying time between coats of a Rust Bullet coating is approximately 2 to 6 hours. Cure time varies based on relative humidity and temperature of the surface.

What is rust bullet made of?

Rust Bullet is a One Step Two Coat Moisture Cured Urethane Based Patented Product that penetrates through and dehydrates the rust, sealing the surface area with armor like coating.

How long does it take por15 to dry?

3 to 6 hours
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE POR-15 TO DRY? That depends on the ambient humidity (surrounding area). The more humid the area, the faster the dry time, which usually varies from 3 to 6 hours.

Can I paint over rust bullet?

How do you prep or rust bullets?

SURFACE PREPARATION The surface must be completely dry and free of loose rust or paint, surface contaminates such as dirt, oily substances, salts, etc. Remove by lightly scraping, sanding or wire brushing. Use Rust Bullet Metal Blast for metal surface cleaning and conditioning prior to application when necessary.

How do you remove rust from bullets?

Clean up fresh, uncured Rust Bullet immediately by using Rust Bullet Solvent, following the directions on the container. Washing with soap and water may work, if done immediately. Application equipment must be cleaned with Rust Bullet Solvent immediately after use to avoid damage.

What is the difference between rust bullet and rust bullet automotive?

Rust Bullet Automotive is formulated a bit thinner than the Rust Bullet standard formula to easily flow through an HVLP auto finishing spray system. Rust Bullet Automotive has more metal and will produce a smoother finish typically desired for automotive projects. Do I Apply Rust Bullet only where Rust is Apparent?

What is rustbullet®?

Rust Bullet® and Rust Bullet® Automotive’s Patented New Technology provides superior corrosion control and protection. To ensure you achieve the best possible results, it is extremely important that these Application Guidelines are read thoroughly before use. Please refer to the most current Application Guidelines available at www. RustBullet.

What psi do you spray rust bullet automotive?

Rust Bullet Automotive applied through an HVLP spray system using a 1.5 tip with 40 PSI will achieve a dft of approximately 2 mils per coat. It is important to run Xylene through the spray equipment prior to spraying the first coat of Rust Bullet Automotive to remove any moisture that may be trapped in the equipment.

How many sq ft does a gallon of rust bullet automotive cover?

One gallon of Rust Bullet or Rust Bullet Automotive covers approximately 200 sq.ft. with a finished dft of 6 mils. How do I Apply Rust Bullet Automotive with an HVLP Spray System?