What songs does Queen greatest hits have?

Track listing

What songs does Queen greatest hits have?

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “We Will Rock You” 2:02
2. “We Are the Champions” 3:01
3. “Another One Bites the Dust” 3:37
4. “Killer Queen” 3:01

What is Smokey Robinson’s biggest hit?

Smokey Robinson’s 10 greatest songs, ranked

  • One Heartbeat. SmokeyRobinsonVEVO.
  • ‘Cruisin” Despite apparently recording this song while he had a cold, Smokey scored a big solo hit with this track in 1979.
  • Shop Around.
  • Ooh Baby Baby.
  • I Second that Emotion.
  • Just to See Her.
  • You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me.
  • The Tracks of My Tears.

What was the band KISS’s biggest hit?

“Beth” is Kiss’s biggest commercial hit in the United States; it reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, received a Gold Record certification from the RIAA, and won the 1977 People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Song”. In 2003, “Beth” ranked #3 in VH1’s 25 Greatest Power Ballads.

What’s Queen’s Longest song?

« The Prophet’s Song » was composed by Brian May (working title « People of the Earth ») and is the longest Queen song, at 8 minutes and 17 seconds, exceeding Bohemian Rhapsody by 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

What was Queen’s last hit song?

It was written by Mercury and Brian May. Mercury recorded two out of three verses before becoming too sickly to continue recording, forcing May to record the last verse later….Mother Love (song)

“Mother Love”
Song by Queen
Songwriter(s) Freddie Mercury Brian May
Producer(s) Queen
Music video

What song is Smokey Robinson famous for?

Chart hits and other notable songs written by Smokey Robinson

Year Song Original artist
1967 “The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
“Come Spy with Me” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
“More Love” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
“I Second That Emotion” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

What song is Smokey Robinson known for?

A prolific songwriter, he is credited with 4,000 songs and 37 Top 40 hits, including “Tears of a Clown,” “Tracks of My Tears” and “Love Machine.” Robinson also served as vice president of Motown Records, writing and producing hits for groups such as The Temptations (“My Girl”) and Mary Wells (“My Guy”).

What was KISS number one song?

Although Kiss has cultivated an extremely loyal fan base over the past forty-plus years, they never earned a number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100.

What was KISS first hit?

“Nothin’ To Lose” became the band’s first single; it was written by Simmons. Verses were performed by Simmons and Stanley, with Peter Criss providing scat vocals for the chorus.

What was Queen’s best-selling song in the 1980s?

By the early 1980s, Queen were one of the biggest stadium rockbands in the world. “Another One Bites the Dust” from The Game(1980) became their best-selling single, while their 1981 compilation album Greatest Hitsis the best-selling album in the UKand is certified nine times platinum in the US.

Did Robbie Williams sing in the Queen Greatest Hits?

Several of the guest singers recorded new versions of Queen’s hits under the Queen + name, such as Robbie Williams providing vocals for “We Are the Champions” for the soundtrack of A Knight’s Tale (2001). In November 1999, Greatest Hits III was released.

What are Your Top 10 Queen songs of all time?

1 Queen (1973) 2 Queen II (1974) 3 Sheer Heart Attack (1974) 4 A Night at the Opera (1975) 5 A Day at the Races (1976) 6 News of the World (1977) 7 Jazz (1978) 8 The Game (1980) 9 Flash Gordon (1980) 10 Hot Space (1982)

Was Freddie Mercury the Best Lead singer of Queen?

Rolling Stone readers voted Mercury the second-greatest frontman. Queen were named 13th on VH1 ‘s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock list, and in 2010 were ranked 17th on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time list. In 2012, Gigwise readers named Queen the best band of the past 60 years.