What songs did they use in the originals?

What songs did they use in the originals?

Popular Songs

  • Waves. Dotan.
  • Raise the Dead. Rachel Rabin.
  • Dark Paradise. Lana Del Rey.
  • Like I’m Gonna Lose You. Jasmine Thompson.
  • Haunted. Maty Noyes.
  • Silent Running. Hidden Citizens.
  • The Struggle. Grizfolk.
  • Sudden Throw. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm.

Does Elijah ever remember his family?

Hope uses magic to reunite the siblings in ‘The Kindness of Strangers. ‘

What is the song in Vampire Diaries Season 1?

The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

  • Pilot.
  • The Night of the Comet.
  • Friday Night Bites.
  • Family Ties.
  • You’re Undead to Me.
  • Lost Girls.
  • Haunted.
  • 162 Candles.

Will the Mikaelsons reunite in Season 5?

The pieces can never be reunited, so the four Mikaelson siblings can never be together again, as it would bring the pieces of the Hollow together and allow her to terrorize yet again. Freya was willing to become a vampire to keep Hayley and Hope together when it didn’t look like Kol was going to show up in time.

What song was playing when Klaus and Elijah died?

E13 · When the Saints Go Marching In.

What song plays when Cami dies in the originals?

The Originals Season 3 Episode 19″No More Heartbreaks” Song – Terrible Love by BirdyFollow meTwitter: https://ww…

Does Hope hate Elijah?

At first, Hope passionately refused to accept Elijah’s apologies and began to resent him. However, Hope later admitted to Elijah himself that she feels guilty for playing a part in her mother’s death and Elijah admits to said-guilt as well.

Why did Elijah not remember Hayley?

In the final season, Elijah doesn’t remember Hayley nor his own siblings because his memory has been erased. The two characters move on with their lives, with Hayley staying in New Orleans to raise her daughter while Elijah falls in love with a vampire woman.

What song is playing when Elena and Damon kiss at the motel?

Never Let Me Go
7. When Damon and Elena kissed at a motel while “Never Let Me Go” by Florence + The Machine played. “The entire use of this song is great, but when the chorus hits and Damon and Elena share a forbidden kiss, it’s epic. It’s the perfect song for the scene and takes my breath away each time.”

What is the song Damon and Elena dance to?

Delena’s epic farewell dance wouldn’t have been the same without Ross Copperman’s haunting song “Hunger.” Start the song playing before you scroll down.