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What size is a 30mm socket?

What size is a 30mm socket?

A 30mm socket is 1 3/16″ in standard(SAE) size, almost. 1 3/16″ converts into 30.163mm so 1 3/16 is the closest standard socket that may fit your 30mm fastener.

Do they make a 30 mm socket?

OVERVIEW. The CRAFTSMAN Metric 1/2-in drive 12-point 30mm is a shallow socket that’s both reliable and easy-to-use. It has a full polish chrome finish, so you don’t have to worry about rust. It’s also compliant with ASME specifications, making it a great socket to use for boiler and pressure vessel use.

What is the diameter of a 3/8 socket?

SAE to Metric Conversion Chart

SAE Size Metric Size Inches Decimal
3/8″ 0.375
10mm 0.394
13/32″ 0.406
11mm 0.433

What size is a 28 mm socket?

3/4″ Drive 28mm 12-Point Metric Standard Length Hand Socket.

What size is a 30mm bolt?

Metric Hex Bolt Dimensions

m20 20.00 12.88
m24 24.00 15.44
m30 30.00 19.48
m36 36.00 23.38

Is there a 31-mm socket?

TEKTON Metric 1/2-in Drive 6-point 31-mm Deep Socket.

Do they make a 31mm socket?

Sunex 431md 3/4-Inch Drive 31-Mm Deep Impact Socket.

What is diameter of a 3/4 socket?

Common measurements are as follows: 1/4”(6.3mm), 3/8”(9.5mm), 1/2”(12.7mm), 3/4”(19.0mm) and 1”(25.4mm)。

What size is a 32mm socket in standard?


3/4″ 1-1/8″ 29mm
1-1/4″ 32mm
7/8″ 1-5/16″ 34mm
1-3/8″ 35mm

What is the standard size for 30mm?

The most wide-used dimensions are four by six inches which can be called the standard of photography. It has just the right size for a small frame or album and the 2:3 aspect ratio is perfect for printing out modern digital images from either cameras or phones.

How big is 30mm?

30 mm caliber is a specific size of autocannon ammunition. Such ammunition includes NATO standard 30×113mmB, 30×173mm (STANAG 4624), and 35x228mm NATO rounds, Soviet 30×165mm, 30x210mmB, and 37×250mm, Yugoslav 30x192mm, and Czechoslovak 30x210mmCz rounds which are widely used around the world.

How much is 30mm in inches?

WDS’ new inch-size shaft-collars are based on the company’s original metric design but with dimensions to suit OEMs and end users based in North America, as well as machine builders shipping to the North American market. Six sizes of both the zinc

What is 30 mm converted to inches?

How many inches is 30 mm? – 30 mm is equal to 1.181 inches. 30MM to Inches to convert 30 millimeter to inches. MM to inches to convert 30 mm to inches quickly and easily. How Many Inches is 30 mm? 30 mm equals 1.181 inches, or there are 1.181 inches in 30 millimeters. Following is how to convert 30 mm to inches fraction