What singing shows can I audition for?

What Singing Shows Can My Child Audition For?

What singing shows can I audition for?

What Singing Shows Can My Child Audition For?

  • American Idol. American Idol is one of the longest-running and most well-known singing competition shows.
  • The Voice. The Voice has been on television since 2011 and is part of an international franchise.
  • America’s Got Talent.
  • Songland.

What is the name of the singing competitions on TV?

When American Idol debuted in 2002, it became one of the most beloved and successful TV franchises in entertainment history. The show found favor among audiences for its competition model, and its success led to an increase in more TV shows such as X-Factor, The Sing-Off, The Voice, and very recently The Masked Singer.

Which singing competition is the best?

Reality-TV, singing-contest (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  1. American Idol (2002– ) TV-PG | 42 min | Game-Show, Music, Reality-TV.
  2. The Voice (2011– )
  3. Canadian Idol (2003– )
  4. Australian Idol (2003–2009)
  5. Deutschland sucht den Superstar (2002– )
  6. X Factor (I) (2008– )
  7. Vocea Romaniei (2011– )
  8. Fame (2003)

How do you get on The Voice 2021?

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be legally present in the United States, with the unrestricted right to work for any U.S. employer and to live in the United States and you must be eligible to accept the prize1, if awarded.
  2. You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age by May 13, 2022.

How do you audition for American Idol?

Online Registration You can register online prior to the day of your audition by accessing the “Audition” tab on our website, This pre-registration process for each audition city will be open approximately one week before the audition day for each audition city.

How do I join a singing competition?

Singing competition process Whatever song you want to sing for audition, you should record that song from your mobile phone. Before audio recording you have to fill a singing registration form which is free. To fill this form, your name, email address, WhatsApp number, and your city name.

Are the auditions the best part of’American Idol’?

Whether they were hilariously goofy or completely inspiring, the auditions were always the best part of ‘American Idol.’ American Idol has been the most popular singing competition show since it first aired in 2002.

Is there an international vocal competition for 2021?

International Vocal Competition 2021 The American Protégé International Vocal Competition is designed for singers who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. The Competition is open to solo vocalists and vocal groups of all ages, nationalities and countries.

Is America’s Got Talent a singing competition show?

While America’s Got Talent is technically not a singing competition show, a significant percentage of the talent featured on the show is singers, not to mention the majority of winners from previous seasons.

What is the history of singing competitions?

Singing competition series have been on the air for decades, dating all the way back to the days of Star Search. And today, plenty of innovative shows that put their own twist on the concept continue to pop up on linear network television channels and streaming services.