What package is PLYR in R?

What package is PLYR in R?

plyr is an R package that makes it simple to split data apart, do stuff to it, and mash it back together. This is a common data-manipulation step. Importantly, plyr makes it easy to control the input and output data format from a syntactically consistent set of functions.

How do I cite the Dplyr package?

dplyr: A Grammar of Data Manipulation., Makowski, D., Ben-Shachar, M.S., Patil, I.

How import PLYR package in R?

Install and Load plyr Use the install. package() to install the package. Then use either the library() or requires() functions to load the package. Alternatively, in RStudio click on the Packages tab in the lower-right window, and then the Install button on the left-hand side just below the tabs.

Is PLYR part of Tidyverse?

ggplot2 still requires plyr and that’s part of the tidyverse .

What is the difference between PLYR and dplyr?

dplyr is a new package which provides a set of tools for efficiently manipulating datasets in R. dplyr is the next iteration of plyr , focussing on only data frames. dplyr is faster, has a more consistent API and should be easier to use.

How do I unload a package in R?

When it comes time to unload a package in R and detach it from your R environment, there’s a very simple solution – the detach function. The detach command will remove the package in question from your R work-space.

How do you cite Cran packages?

citation() To cite R in publications use: R Core Team (2013). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. URL

How do I cite R packages?

The CITATION file of an R package should be placed in the inst subdirectory of the package source. The file is an R source file and may contain arbitrary R commands including conditionals and computations. Function readCitationFile() is used by citation() to extract the information in CITATION files.

How do you use PLYR io?

Player for website video and audio using Plyr

  1. Step 1: Include the stylesheet. Include the Plyr stylesheet in the page.
  2. Step 2: Include the script. Include the Plyr script in the page.
  3. Step 3: Create Markup. For this example we will use Plyr to show a YouTube video.
  4. Step 4: Plyr setup.

What is Cran in R programming?

The “Comprehensive R Archive Network” ( CRAN ) is a collection of sites which carry identical material, consisting of the R distribution(s), the contributed extensions, documentation for R, and binaries.

What is the relationship between RStudio and Cran?

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R which works with the standard version of R available from CRAN. RStudio includes a wide range of productivity enhancing features and runs on all major platforms.

Does dplyr replace PLYR?

purrr replaces the list-centric parts of plyr, while dplyr covers data frame-centric summarisation, mutation and so on. For this example we will be using the lm function on subsets of data and store the model object. It’s the simple case that everyone reaches for to demonstrate these features, but it’s a bit dubious.