What modems work with Xfinity triple play?

What modems work with Xfinity triple play?

Xfinity Tripleplay Modems

  • ARRIS TM822G DOCSIS 3 TE…, Optimum, WOW, + more)
  • ARRIS TG1682G (XB3) DOCS…
  • CISCO DPC3941T (XB3) A/C…ATEWAY(Comcast/Xfinity)
  • Technicolor TC8305C WIRE…, + Mediacom approved!)
  • Arris TM822G Docsis 3 Ph…timum/Xfinity Approved)

What equipment do I need for Xfinity triple play?

The Xfinity Triple Play Self-Install Kit includes a digital set-top box/digital transport adapter, remote control and a high-speed Internet and digital voice modem.

Does Comcast need Docsis 3.1 modem?

DOCSIS 3.1 is only needed if one subscribes to their gigabit speed tier.

What is a triple play modem?

In telecommunications, triple play service is a marketing term for the provisioning, over a single broadband connection, of two bandwidth-intensive services, broadband Internet access and television, and the latency-sensitive telephone.

Is it better to have a modem and router or a combo?

If you are looking for high performance and a customizable experience, separate devices are better. However, modem router combos are more convenient, easier to set up, and save space.

What is the difference between Xfinity double play and triple play?

In an Xfinity double play bundle, you can get Xfinity internet and X1 TV or TV and phone service. Xfinity triple play bundles (three services) save you $40 per month. Xfinity triple play bundles include Xfinity X1 TV, phone, and internet service. You can also save $10 per month if you add an Xfinity Mobile line.

Does DOCSIS 3.0 work with Comcast?

The cable modem is DOCSIS 3.0 with 16×4 channels. This means that as long as Comcast doesn’t change to DOCSIS 3.1, it will work.

Does Comcast need voice modem?

Wireless Gateway Unlike traditional home phones, Xfinity Voice operates over an Internet connection to give you amazing call clarity and other great features. That means it requires a voice modem to work.

What is triple and quadruple-play strategies?

Triple-play services refer to bundles of fixed voice, broadband and pay-television services, and quadruple-play services to triple-play bundles plus mobile services, whether mobile voice, data or both.