What licence do I need for a quadricycle?

What licence do I need for a quadricycle?

Drivers with a valid motorcycle or car licence are authorised to drive a light quadricycle.

Are quadricycles legal?

A light quadricycle is the only four-wheeled vehicle that you can drive legally on the road when under the age of 17. You may never have heard of them, but there are tiny, low-powered, lightweight machines that only require you to have passed your CBT scooter test before you can drive.

What is a L7e B2 vehicle?

The Xbus has classified as an L7e-B2 vehicle. An L7 vehicle is a vehicle with four wheels, whose unladen mass is not more than 400 kg or 550 kg for vehicles intended for carrying goods), not including the mass of batteries in the case of electric vehicles and whose maximum continuous rated power does not exceed 15 kW.

Can you drive a quadricycle on a provisional licence?

Provisional 16 year old licence moped holders may not drive quadricycles.

Can you drive an Aixam in the UK?

This legislation brings the UK into line with the rest of Europe, where around 300,000 quadricycle-type cars have been sold. Manufacturers that produce vehicles covered by the legislation include Aixam and Renault.

What category is a quadricycle?

The Third European Driving Licence Directive (2006/126/EC) was introduced into the UK on the 19th January 2013. The minimum requirements to drive: a light quadricycle (L6e) on the public highway is currently a full AM category licence. a heavy quadricycle (L7e) is a full B category licence.

What licence do I need to drive a Aixam?

People born before 1 January 1988 can drive a car without a licence (light quadricycle) without having an AM licence. The AM licence (otherwise known as the BSR) is a compulsory 8-hour training course to be taken at a driving school.

What class is a quadricycle?

category L7 vehicle
category L7 vehicle Quadricycle – a four-wheeled vehicle with a maximum unladen mass 400kg or 550kg for a goods vehicle (not including the batteries in an electrically powered vehicle) and a maximum net power of 15KW (21BHP).

How fast can Aixam go?

Aixam Scouty/Scouty-R (convertible) diesel or gasoline, top speed 45 or 93 km/h (58 mph).

What is L7e?

Quadricycles (L7e), also referred to as Heavy quadricycles, are defined by Framework Directive 2002/24/EC as motor vehicles with four wheels “other than those referred to (as light quadricycles), whose unladen mass is not more than 450 kg (category L7e) (600 kg for vehicles intended for carrying goods), not including …

Is a quad bike a quadricycle?

What is a quad bike or quadricycle? As a rule, quad bikes are a type of motorcycle with four large low-pressure tyres. In most cases, three-wheel trikes and 4-wheel quads are all-terrain vehicles (ATV) designed for off-road use in the United Kingdom.

What licence do I need to drive a Aixam UK?

What are L6E quadricycles?

Light quadricycles (L6e) are defined by Framework Directive 2002/24/EC as: “motor vehicles with four wheels whose unladen mass is not more than 425 kg, not including the mass of the batteries in case of electric vehicles, whose maximum design speed is not more than 45 km/h, and:

What is the quadricycle classification?

The quadricycle classification was officially created in 1992, when the European Union published Directive 92/61/EEC which decreed that quadricycles fell into the same category as mopeds. In 2002, Framework Directive 2002/24/EC then refined this definition by distinguishing between light and heavy quadricycles (L6e and L7e categories).

Why are L6e and L7e vehicles gaining popularity in China?

In recent years, there has been a substantial rise in the adoption of motorized quadricycles such as L6e and L7e vehicles in China, as the government offers various tax benefits to consumers who are purchasing these vehicles.

What is the future of industrial quadricycles?

Industrial quadricycles are gainining momentum as the usage of such vehicles for internal moment of small goods, materials, workers is growing expoenentially. Other segment shall witness medium growth over next few years mainly due to increasing adoption of these vehicles in European region.